Burned out, and stressed

One of the state senators wants to make it impossible for uber to function in CT and the taxi companies are lobbying hard. The terrible part about it, the extra money does help even though tax wise in in the red. Part of living paycheck to paycheck I suppose. I even have to worry about losing my full time job, and nothing pays close to it with all my other skills and training. Been like this for several years, and Connecticut is getting much worse. Last thing I want is to be homeless here. No help for that in Connecticut.

Get out of the Northeast. I grew up in NY, then lived in Boston for 3 years. I am now in beautiful Tennessee. Better weather, lower taxes, better COL. Oh yeah, and no state income tax. I left the northeast and will never look back! Look into the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, etc.

Dallas has a strong economy, and is growing. The cost of living is edging up here, but is still cheaper than living on either coast. It’s why I moved back here after living in California for 17 years.

Yeah that’s my initial thought, I wasn’t sure if he was going to post his resume or something but it appears he is going to keep his full-time job which makes so much sense to Uber in some other state, I am guessing they don’t have other jobs in that state besides what he does and Uber and politicians and cabbies lol

Come to Vegas my brother. Rent is affordable and no state income tax. uber should be up and running in the next couple months. Vegas is small, so you will learn your way around pretty quick.

I live in Woodstock, GA and cost of living is low and it is a great city for Families. I benefit driving part-time for Uber because there are so many options to drive in Metro Atlanta (Marietta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Canton, Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, etc.) Even after fees and all vehicle costs I still do fairly well for a part-time gig.

You just need GROSSINCOME to compare which market he will make more.

You have expenses like Gas, Car Depreciation, net (80%), and what not. But those are roughly the same static variable.

Here’s what you should do. Reset your car’s trip meter when you first get in your car to head out Ubering. Look at your trip meter again at the end of the day when you arrive back home and do the following calculation:

Total Fare - 20% Uber Cut - (total mileage x 0.57) = ?

i didn’t say i ignored mileage. 900+ is not “total fare.” it’s how much it was paid out, within 25 - 30 (varies week to week) of driving.

I do mostly highways now instead of city. so mileage is a little high. however, i make a lot more within an hour of driving than driving around in a city.

I’ve considered: my time is worth more than the mileage and depreciation I put on my car. I make twice as much, but my car doesn’t depreciate that much.

that’s at least 2 hours per trip lol. imagine you live in north key largo, some one request a trip to key largo, then some one request a trip to tavernier, and then some one request a trip to islamorada… After wards, if you want to go home, you have to drive 6 hours back by yourself.

yes they take ford fusion as uber x, but trust me theres around 20k uber cars in the city, so its slow and uber is known to cut rates in the summer. and the hamptons isnt the same anymore becuase their is 3k vip uber x drivers alone, let alone black and suvs.

Sometimes I’m sitting at home for 5 hours waiting for a ping, I’ll get $7 down the street, other times I’l get airport rides and they can be anywhere from $40 up to $100 or more. It’s hit or miss. One night worked 3 hours and made $96. This is after Uber takes their cut, but before taxes and running costs.

I think it would easier to under the arithmetics in general on this forum, is there was like a spread sheet, or some sort of graph table. Or even a flow chart might be helpful.