Boycott the airport

Uber drivers can we all just Boycott the airport :question::question: The company is getting rich off the Long airport rides that’s their main strategy right now.

They’re offering $8-$12 Max bonuses for those airport rides but charging customers $100 for rides.

If everyone stopped driving out of their way to go to the airport to pick up , then the customers would complain there are no rides for airport rushes anymore, customers always go to the news media to vent and then Uber would have to raise those airport surges to get drivers to cooperate.

The surges are only $10 u can make the same amount Avoiding the airport and just driving throughout the city. :woman_shrugging:t5:

This has been discussed for 3 years now, definitely not gonna happen…too many people afraid of missing out on a few chips to get more chips…

This has Not been discussed for 3 years , because this is recent that the surge is no longer a multiplier 2X-5X etc and now is an additional $8-$12 dollar amount.

I swear to you we have been discussing boycotting for over 3 years but I digress…just don’t get your hopes up…I mean if we all went from 6.9 surge to what they give us now and haven’t boycotted it ain’t gonna happen…

I get what you are saying, but I remember this same conversation about Falcon games, NYE, and just random days…many people talked a good game, but no one bust a grape…hell we wanted to boycott to keep all you new people from signing up…that’s the reason they can do whatever, the driver pool is over saturated…but carry on

You are using the word “boycott” loosely… ppl boycott for different reasons. And didn’t suggest “Delete Uber” I suggested avoiding the airport, this is a different issue.Avoid the airport and let the customers complain. And then the company will reconsider how much they want to offer the drivers.

You do know that on long trips Uber has been paying the surge much higher than the guaranteed minimum?

Here’s a perfect example where the guarantee was $14 but they actually paid $26.

You are right, so basically Uber is taking half the cut. On the customers end the surge is way higher than the guaranteed amount surge amount than we get. It’s sad, even though I only drive part time, you still have to put in full time hours to even make half of what you used to a year or so ago.

you’re right. It just causes the customer to pay more and Uber makes more. They make it look :eyes: like we’re getting a higher percentage but we’re actually not smh. Uber used to only take 25% now they’re taking almost 50

Oh trust they will notice a difference when they look at the statistics in the morning… especially everybody coming back for the holidays.

There’s no purpose in driving 25mins to wait at the airport Anymore to pick up rides from an extra $10 bonus. You’re wasting gas.

You will make more money driving in your regular suburbs or city now then driving to the airport for a ride.

Ohhh Uber has to be feeling the punch at the airport . I did lyft alllll night from airport . Every lyft customer said Uber’s rates were btw 40-60 to go midtown from 6-8 . 3 of the 4 said lyft was 25 dollars cheaper . And on 2 I got an 11 bonus and one I got 8.50 …
crazy part is Uber had over 100 cars in queue everytime . All night lyft never had more than 10 . I made 100 in 2.5 hours yesterday

I just picked up at the airport last night for a different company ( I quit uber/lyft for the rate cut ) Fair was $250 my cut $200. Run was to Ft Benning. No more Uber/Lyft for me.

There is a cab company creating a hybrid taxi/rideshare. Yes this is legit. Right now we are doing a soft opening in Atlanta. They have already been up and running in Savannah for 3 years. When fully open all you pay is a flat $50.00 day rate no more the rest is yours. Very well worth it. I did an Airport run this morning from Conyers to Domestic fair was $75.00 my cut was $60.00 With drivers we can take the Atlanta market for sure. Think of it this way if you make $200 a day doing Uber/Lyft then Uber/lyft is doing $500 to $600 in business a day off you. Now Pay $50.00 a day and pocket the other $450 to $550

Ok give me sometime on the name. Reason we are doing a soft opening. I dont want to flood the market with drivers that we do need. We are working the bugs out of the system. If this works it will be the cab companies answer to uber/lyft stating we are here to stay. Rideshare are dispatched based so no more flipping through. Cost for customers are about the same as uber, but pay to driver is better MUCH BETTER. And no it’s not Tryp. It’s real folks. I’m doing it now but only doing 2 to 4 rides per day but still doing over $100. Be patient I will post more as info and green lights are givin to me.

Man those bitches had me there talking about 1-5 in front of me for 2 hours last week. FUCK THE AP. I only went last week cause I dropped someone off and it look like it was banging I dozed off 4 times and it kept saying the same shit I was highly irritated

They got me got me. Never again. Now, their thing is adding every vehicle that is within a certain radius of the airport to the RAA queue. I can be driving past on 85, and suddenly be added to the queue. Pisses me off. That’s why the number of drivers will be sky high.

This has been my strategy for four years now… I dont know why everyone wants to camp there. Make more driving elsewhere.