Big tips for me

Why do I think yall just pull out money from your bank account and show off these big ass tips :joy::joy::joy: I mean I believe a lot of you but I just feel like it’s made up sometimes . These pax ain’t real about they money :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s believable. I got $200 last week to take a guy to navy federal and back home…granted I think he had a crush on me because he ask me to go to stone mountain with him. I never posted the actual $200. Though I still have the photo because I sent to my friend in disbelief

Naw dont have time for that nonsense…170…guy waa drunk kept pulling money out his wallet…he just want someone to listen…100 for returning a leather bag before their flight back to Korea. It had their who life in it!

Now I believe that one. I mean I’ve gone out and had guys just hand me money at the bar just for talking. I get tipped 5 dollars in the app when I drive that’s about as much as I get from there :joy::joy::joy:

More passengers actually tip than those that don’t. I’ve gotten big tips, tipped tickets to games, and other things but I never post that stuff. Many people here in the Atlanta market do actually tip though.

een tipped 200.00, 100 multiple times… pax got money. Driver attitude goes a long way. but I know Some x drivers who you’d think were black car drivers with their tips…ijs

Ya I’m super fun, and very great listener and consoler, and urgent care, and conversationalist …the list goes on. We always end the rides with shits and giggles and have a wonderful day type shit.

Lol. Women of the group your tips don’t matter to me. Usually some dude using money to show his interest. Whether it’s your looks, conversation, intelligence, or just his desperation. Yea I’m slightly jealous. And?

Dudes that do that are wack and I hope you’re wise enough to keep them as clients and nothing more. No man that has his shit in order mentally is giving out money due to interest because he knows he’s a catch and doesn’t need to try to buy you or bribe you. Lol. Rant over.

I’m happy for y’all though.

Men annoy me thinking women only get tipped for having vaginas. What is when female pax are the big tippers? Is she a lesbian?

I’m going to totally skip the fake feminist argument you are trying to pull right now. It’s a well known fact that yes dudes tip women for having vaginas. Hooters, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt, the strip club industry as a whole. I’ve friendships with women that have worked at these places. I have friends that have been approached by sugar daddies and tricks alike. So yea. It happens.

Just like the bad and unfair things that happen to women just cause they have vaginas. I speak on that just as well and speak out against it. Shrug…

I’m not gonna only tell the truth when it’s perfect and pretty.

Notice the word “usually” in my original post then come back and tell the class why you’re so easily triggered. Obviously y’all earn legit tips too from both genders but if you think women aren’t getting tipped up by dudes with interest in them you live in lah lah land.

I joked about something that happens in the rideshare game or service industry in general. I have no issue. Not like I’m chasing women around telling them they didn’t earn their tip or something. I made my comment and minded my business. Seems like I’m not the one with an issue since all this is happening under my comment.

You will never catch a $100 tip taking pool trips. Was this post made in reference to Big tip post shortly made b4 yours??? Well I can tell you for one it’s the type of clientele. X/pools or select/lux… u need a lil more time in the Game and observing of the group b4 u make such a post.

Will never be concerned or pressed about somebody else’s pockets. . …lmao gtfoh. Ya’ll endorse strippers and defend them alllllllll day, but when a passenger generously tips a female uber/lyft driver just bc she is pretty you get salty af. I don’t get it.

I can only speak for myself. My $100+ tips are real. I show mine just as motivation, to raise the morale around here. Not because I am astonished by a crisp $100 bill.

I get $50 dollar tips or better all the time but to be honest i mainly drive Lux/Select. I also stage the scene, i put about $25 in my cup holder to persuade my passengers into tipping.

not speaking to you directly. …just surprised at a few of the slow comments from these men who see nothing wrong w dudes throwing money at ass at the strip club but have a problem or feel some type a way about a female uber/lyft driver getting a nice tip.

People tell me they don’t tip in the app because they think we don’t get it. And every time I get a tip it’s at least 5 dollars. I may just be trippin. But fuck it my time will come I guess