Beware of young riders who do pool rides And look nerdy

I am a proud apple nerd
This kid around 18 years old
Picked him up at Aventura mall
He had an attitude
All of sudden
He takes 2 photos of my interior
I asked him
How was the ride when we reach his
He does not answer me
And I watch him in my rear window waiting for me to do my regular 5 star rating on my passengers
I knew he was about to screw me for 1 star so he can get a discount ride.
I hit him 3 Stars for attitude and once I put my rating he did his thing
A 1 star
This is the bull crap we deal with.

I always refused Pool in Chicago.

I’m so glad we do not have it here in Phoenix (knock on wood)

You can go to the hub and have it changed. I’ve done it before. I accidentally gave a horribly fraudulent rider a good rating. They changed it with zero problems.

Just be super nice to anyone you suspect is up to this. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to reverse it. Say you’re going through a bad time with bills and 14 children to feed and your wife beats YOU. Ask for their mercy, BEG for another chance.

not saying it wasn’t him… most of us know when we get a negative rating who its from. but what I’m questioning is how you “saw” his rating of you? my experience is that it can be hours or days before you see any changes and the ratings are “shuffled”

Guys after you have given a certain amount of rides. You know right off the bat if a rider will crap on your ratings. Experience and alertness!

As soon as I sense an attitude, it’s later dude.

Find another driver to piss off!!

Stop picking up Teenage douchebags, and less of that :poop: will happen…ZERO college students also!!

College students here in Tucson must be nicer, they make up 90% of my fares. I love em

if you suspect an asshole like that, then drop him off at his destination and CANCEL, the ride, that way he cannot rate you, then contact Uber and explain and you will get a cancellation fee, ofter the $3,75 is more than a pool fee

I think it should be mandatory that a passenger should have to do a star rating within 2 minutes or less of their ride or they lose out and it automatically stays a 5-star rated

If a driver is doing the same rated they should give the driver at least five minutes unless he got another request in between

Guys all of us must force uber to move pool from the platform otherwise we don’t accept at all let’s hv a power

Uber just started in my city, can someone please tell me what a pool rider is? Why giving 3 stars when you can give a 1 star rating?

I Don’t do rating my passenger in the car! I wait until they get out and leave.

Why don’t you just pick people up and drop them off instead of doing all of this judgmental crap? How did you know you were going to receive 1 star?

So…I just gotta ask…was this music playing during your standoff?…

I have tried EVERYTHING except going into the “greenlight hub” and having them walk me through how to actually see riders’ profiles, ratings, etc. Which confirms the opinion that uber is a scam. Why rate them, (and we are forced to after each trip or we can’t get another request) when no driver sees the ratings, etc. At least I NEVER ONCE have…

:thinking:interesting… in my market, we can see the requesters rating before accepting, of course no profile. And… at the same time… a rider requesting a ride does not see our rating or profile until it’s accepted…

I refuse to accept uberPOOL requests. POOL riders are ignorant douche bags who love to give low ratings and never tip.