Better crowd/Pax: Uber vs Lyft?

I was just wondering if there’s any difference between Uber and Lyft riders?

In my area, Lyft is all broke college kids that abuse Line and don’t tip. Uber is superior around here.

Depends on the market, honestly and most pax use both.

Still, in my market, Uber pax have a rep for either being yuppies on their high horse or the ones calling for someone to come pick up the thot they fucked last night while Lyft pax have the rep of being college kids and “woke” older people who are much more chill.

Uber here is a bunch of whiny, entitled snowflakes that think they are entitled to free shit.
I got burned 3 times in a week by pax telling uber they didn’t take the ride and uber took their word even though I offered to send the dash cam footage of me confirming their name before they got in

I wish I could say one was better than the other, but both are equally nice, both are equally shitty, at least to me. Most often, everybody’s pretty OK.

Same shit.
In some cases, lyft passengers are nicer, and in some cases, they are passengers who were deactivated from Uber.
Sometimes it’s cheapskate Uber passengers using a promo code to save money and is not likely to tip.

And every so often you get a passenger who deleted Uber because they think Uber is an unethical company so they have switched to Lyft and those people tend to tip.

I caused one to be deactivated for giving her boyfriend a hummer in my backseat and uber charged her an extra $80 that went to me

It depends on where I am. If I’m in my local area-uber by far. In DC-usually Lyft, but uber has been getting a ton more action lately