Best Surge But Racist Rider

OMG, I was in the best Surge, and Uber ping me. I get there the rider tell me to make a stop. I said no problem added it to your app. He tells me I need to stop by Krogers and pick up a 24 pack of beer I will tip you. It won’t take long. I said no sir added on to your app because I would not be getting paid for it. I appreciate your tip. But I need it to be added as an extra stop. That’s Uber rules. He told me to stop the car and let him out. He slammed my door and called me a black bitch, and I was going to give you $20. What a way to start the day off. I still will not complain. But I did email Uber informed them of the situation.

You already stopped for him two times, and he wanted you to keep stopping for him maybe another hour or two. I have done those rides, and they never gave me tips. If he were going to tip you, he would have tipped you on 3rd stop, so he knows he already wasted your time. Good job.

Several things here to consider.

  1. He said he would tip $20- just to spite her. He probably wouldn’t tip at all.
  2. If he cussed her out, he wasn’t a nice person, to begin with.
  3. Could have easily just added the stop yourself from the driver’s app, but I only do it because I have video evidence that the customer requested it. Otherwise, they just say that you are adding miles to run up the fare.

I think she did great. Just tell the pax that all stops have to be entered into the app. Simple.

She did right in this case. First off like 10 percent of ppl that say they’ll tip actually tip. You all know that. He can say he was going to give her 100 AFTER THE FACT all day long. Doesn’t mean she’d get it. Second of all. Taking trips without them changing the stops when there you get paid or not implies pax have the opportunity to debate it later and say you took a roundabout route for no reason for a refund. (Seen this happen a lot). If they don’t change it upfront or tip upfront, I don’t deviate from the route.

I see a bunch of you indicating that he (the rider) doesn’t need to change the destination in the app. Let me tell you what has happened to several drivers… They agreed to stop somewhere (Kroger, Walmart, etc.) for a passenger because it was a significant surge. The final destination showed to be somewhere far away. The passenger fully intended to go to the store. That was their real destination. They go in, and 10-15 minutes later, the driver ends the ride or cancels it. At that point, the rider disputes the trip and claims that the driver picked up the wrong person. We’ve seen it multiple times here in Dallas alone. It is a well-known scam. If the rider were legit, they would not have a problem changing the stop.

Ok, so when one adds an additional stop, Uber charges the rider extra, but that extra money isn’t necessarily going to the driver. After asking several customers about that, I now recommend them not to add the additional stop but I’ll just drive them here. That way I save my pax couple of dollars, and I get paid adequately for time and distance. Upfront pricing, depending on the length of the ride, usually overcharged the rider by quite a few miles, so the driver always has a choice of the route.

I think she didn’t know she gets paid whether it’s added or not, that’s the more reason why we need to educate each other instead of just arguing all the time. But the rider didn’t have to be rude and disrespectful, I guess some people are just so used to having their way all the time.

There are a-holes all over the place. Good job you didn’t let him continue to abuse you.

Honestly, it’s sad to see a member post something like this because she didn’t know what some/majority of us know and maybe if she knew how the system works she would have made a better decision/ judgment. This is why I think we should argue less and put more effort into educating each other, information/knowledge is POWER, Supporting, teaching and encouraging each other should be the top priority in this group.

If it’s a surge right in the guy wants the top 10 times you let him stop ten times, because you know what you got paid for it now all you have to do is keep track of it and let her know there’s no reason for you to have them change the destination. And I get them mad about it especially if you’re in a surge I will take advantage of the SURGE make money.

Eric, I agree that in some instances we allow our riders the benefit of the doubt. I cannot say why Sharon decided to do what she did, but her decision in this instance was the right one. The fact that the rider called her a “black bitch” is proof enough of his intent to short change her. The fact that he said he was going to tip her $20 is irrelevant.

Hey Sharon, if you have a dash cam you should have this assholes face on cam…then go youtube, Instagram, facebook, snapchat and others… him all over the world.