Best policy, of course, is to provide all amenities for which Uber fully reimburses you

This is the policy I have been using since Day 1 so very long ago and it is serving me very, very, well, thank you. Whoever the person was who came up with this idea of handing out free shit to paxs who are already paying rock-bottom rates needs to be removed from his cushy office and public flogged. Just sayin’.

On a couple occasions I’ve had paxs ask for water. My favorite response is, "I used to hand out water to all my paxs, but after that poisoning incident in London last month, Uber has ordered us to stop.

Another approach is to route the cable under the front seat and find a place to zip-tie the cable that cannot be seen. That keeps the cable from getting purloined and it also keeps it from getting lost in the car.

No way! I did this once and still got dinged. I would rather tell them how Uber hasn’t sent us any. How in the hell is the PAX going to respond to that? Anything they reply with is going to get the answer of, "at these low rates, I cannot afford to pay anything extra.

I pay for gas, insurance, car washes, maintenance on the car and with riders only tipping less than 5% of the time, it just isn’t worth it.

Man, you are soooo on the mark, as always. As a community, we drivers need to be educating our paxs as to what Uber is really all about - a cheap ride on demand and no goddamn freebies. It does none of us any good to provide anything more than a courteous, prompt ride in a clean, safe automobile.

I do have the mini bottles of water in my car and I offer them. Rarely do they get taken but I have them available. I also have gum but the kind that the wrapper stays attached to box.

I don’t either but there is a huge difference of every pax seeing the freebies and the very few that ask for freebies (those should be rated low just for asking). Only thing I have is phone chargers and they have to ask for it.

Giving a pax a low rating means NOTHING, it might make you feel better, but you are still handing out FREE amenities, a sucker born every day.

Exactly! Which is why I have never handed free shit and never will. I take pings for rides, not water, gum, candy, mints, or chargers. It’s bad enough we’re working for $6 to $8 and hour, and were supposed to give out free shit, too? 'Fraid not.

I really didn’t believe this for the longest time. I was fully bought-in…snacks, gum, and water…and progressed to sustaining a good attitude, ability to converse, learning the best ways to get from A to B, and providing a safe, clean ride.

I have tissues so they don’t snot my car and paper towels, sanitizer and wet wipes which I always have in my vehicles anyway. I’ll give them any of those but for my health benefit only.

No, because I don’t treat everybody like adversaries. Things become less frustrating when you’re trying to work with them, and not treating them like garbage.

Doesn’t matter. I’m not going to be sucked into an argument about the minutia with an obvious troll. You can continue to lie to your customers and treat them like crap; I’ll be courteous and offer them the $.10 piece of gum that you value more than your integrity.