Best not to cheat Uber selfie

It did it to me last night when I was en route to pick up a passenger. I could think of much better timing for it, but it wasn’t the end of the world either. I wouldn’t recommend trying to cheat it. Uber has a whole fraud department that probably knows any tricks out there. I’m sure it would result in immediate deactivation if you got caught.

I just want to know if it’s beatable because uber only cares about themselves and takes advantage of the system

What system are they taking advantage of by requiring selfie confirmation? I got one too last weekend. Had to pull over to get the picture. Was a bit annoying but I got over it within 15 seconds as I got a ping.

What do you mean by beat it? What’s to beat, it’s either you or its not you. You want to drive on someone else’s account?

Close… deactivated (or unqualified by ticket criminal record ect) drivers getting someone else to set up an account and hand them their phone, or people just borrowing their uber phone/account.

Maybe I’m missing something but on my iPhone I simply say take picture, then choose the same one from my camera roll… It asks me after 4-5 logins to do it again as they don’t like the pic and I just resend the same one.

Oh don’t think there was a big problem, of course there were some. I think this is more preventive and PR. Look, we are making Uber even safer for you. If it’s my brothers account I can just drive to his house and have him snap a picture. There is no time limit, or anything. If i have to verify, I just can’t login until I do so. I can do it tomorrow or next week… I still don’t understand why the OP want to “beat” it.

Didn’t know it was going on at all or as much as to require drivers to take selfie. I wonder if this goes on frequently. Because I know when I take a LYFT I don’t really investigate if it’s the same person who I requested I just get in but I obviously check for name and the car because maybe at the time of pic they didn’t shave or just a had a different look you know?!!

You are a big fool. Uber as a whole is a wrong company if you want to look at it that way. So you are also wrong. Remove the tick from your eyes before you complain about mine with your holier than thou attitude

Of all the faults that Uber has, I’m still not sure why requiring us to verify that we are the actual drivers for the actual accounts we are driving on. Seems like a solid safety concern that they addressed with this feature.

It happened to me once and while it was inconvenient, it was an inconvenience that lasted 30 seconds. If it insures that drivers are the right drivers, not sharing accounts, etc, then I don’t see how they can be considered “wrong” for such a feature.

I doubt if anyone of us so called righteous uber drivers have commercial insurance or how about you find out what happens when you tell your private insurance that you do ride share. Like I said remove the tick from your eyes before you tell me about mine

You can speak for yourself as I do have commercial insurance and my insurance provider has no problem providing me with coverage while I rideshare as I pay them extra money for that benefit.

I don’t have commercial insurance but do have rideshare on mine. I don’t know what a tick in my eye even means. So I have know response to that. “Holier than thou attitude” wow. Never been accused of that before. This is a safety feature to be sure that the correct person is driving. Still don’t understand why anyone would need to “beat it.”

I’m concerned about the safety of my customers so before I hire you I do a background check. You pass, and I hire you. Then a day comes when you can’t work for some reason. You’re out of town, or you’re sick, or whatever.

It serves Uber’s purpose of being able to reduce people driving on others’ accounts. And of course it gives them one more safety feature to brag about in their marketing. It also gives them one more way to defend themselves should there ever be liability around an incident involving a fraudulent driver.