Best Mileage Tracker for Amazon Flex?

Best mileage tracker in your opinion? Just installed Mileiq and it looks ok but wondering if there are any better ones worth paying for. Doing my taxes and I’m paying the price by not tracking my mileage at all last year, so I’m going to try and be on top of it this year.

Stride has been very buggy for me lately, but I still use it.

If you’re going to pay Mileiq is the best. Been using it two years now.

This link will save you a nice chunk for your first year too.

I use hurdlr you can also track your income and other expenses as well

Self-Employed by Intuit … start it up and leave it on… $4.99 a month.

For tax purposes, are you required to log actual starting and ending mileage for each block worked (e.g., 7,498 - 7,576) or is it enough to log the total miles driven for each block (e.g., 78)?

You should have a daily log book.

Back into the odometer reading is the best you can do now.

I liked stride, but last few days my app quits tracking my miles after about 1/2 way or less. Not sure why.