Best Days of the Year to be a Rideshare Driver

(Bick Bhangoo) #1

As a rideshare driver, you have days with good profit and days without even $10 per hour. That mostly depends on some factors like the weather, your driving skills, and the vehicle and so on. Despite those facts, the specialty of the day also influences in your daily income. Holidays such as the New Year eve, church days, and party days are some examples for such special days. So let’s take a look at what are the best days of the year to earn good profit.

Rideshare Driver
(Source: AllTopStartups)

1. Christmas day

Christmas day is a hectic day for everyone. Family reunions, parties at friends’ places, and many Christmas events are organized on that day. With all those events and parties the demand for taxis are higher, and everyone finds it as an issue to find taxis on that day because almost 40% of the taxi drivers and many buses and trains aren’t active on that day. You can find many customers on the beach side where most of the beach parties are going on. And also take some time near clubs to help out some drunk people. You can find hundreds of passengers waiting for a taxi. Instead of sitting at home drinking a beer or eating some food, go out to earn some cash. It is one of the year’s most lucrative day to earn money. Times from 10 pm to 5:30 am are reportedly the best time to stay active because all the party people will be either going to bars and restaurants or going home by this time. Keep your vehicle clean and ready for this Christmas.

2. New year’s eve

The new year with new thoughts and wishes can also bring you some new cash as a rideshare driver. Yes, everyone likes spending some time with their family and children on a special day like the New Year’s day. But why don’t you postpone that fun to another day to earn some extra cash in few hours? Everyone will be out on this day at a friend’s house or somewhere else to celebrate the New Year. And lots of people will also go to beach parties, clubs and pubs to celebrate this event. So aim at places like towns and find out where public events are taking place because you can find many customers in these areas as a result of the high demand and scarcity of taxies. Most of the towns and restaurants are also filled up with people, and you can also find some customers at them too. Complete your rides as soon as possible and do not spend your time on unwanted stuff like sleeping, eating or watching wrestling and put your full effort to get more hires. Just like the Christmas day, expect more customers in the midnight from about 10 pm to 6 am and make sure you know how to face drunk passengers because at night the possibility of meeting drunken passengers are higher.

3. Shopping seasons

With many special days like the Christmas and New Year’s, many people go out for shopping, and these are also some good days to spend some time with your vehicle to earn some dollars. Besides the Christmas and new year’s seasons, there are other times such as the Hajji, Ramzan festivals and also Hindu festivals like Thaipongal where people spend time shopping for new clothes or stuff for home. See which dates these events are and spend some time near shopping malls and supermarkets where you can find customers. You can find these type of customers mostly in the morning and daytime, and make sure you free up some space in your vehicle to hold their goods. Manage your time efficiently to make more per hour, and you can make up to $50 per hour if you do it correctly. Don’t forget to keep water bottles and some mints for your customers and that will bring you a good tip.

4. St Patty’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a Christian feast day which represents the death of Saint Patrick and is celebrated on March 17th. The specialty of this day is that people are more into drinking alcohol on that day. What else do you need to know why this is special? But this is not going be a fun ride as the other days because all you have to expect is a drunken customer. This day mostly involves festivals, parades, and music sessions. Trips on this day have no specific time, and you have to be ready the whole day. And remember to keep some sick sacks (vomit bags) and some water bottles because the chance of getting a customer who is sober is meager.

These are the four most lucrative days for a rideshare driver where you can earn some more considerable amount of money. So let’s see some other days where you can get more hires.

  • Rainy days- Rainy days are the best days for a rideshare driver to earn some extra cash. Because of the demand for Uber/Lyft increases, the fare might also increase. No one likes to get wet, so every one of them will hire a vehicle to reach their destination. Keep an extra umbrella in the vehicle.
  • Holidays- This is the day where you get some long trips. You can get a bit more dollars if you work hard on this day.
  • Sunny days- No one wants to get sunburns on their bodies by walking under a scorching sun. Make this an opportunity. Check your weather forecast and if the day is a bit sunny make sure you take the best in the daytime. Have a cold water bottle in your car and make sure your AC works well.
  • Winter days- There’s this time of the year where you can’t survive even wearing five sweaters. But still, people have to go to work or college. Don’t stay in bed the whole day because winter season is the perfect season where you can expect hundreds of customers. Keep a hot water bottle or a flask of coffee for your customer, and that will bring some good tips for you.