Best air freshener?

I bought two twin,black,100% cotton,flat sheets & tuck/wrap them all around the entire seats. I pull out the bottom bench,and collapse the back seats,so the excess goes behind/under. It enables me to keep my light grey,cloth seats clean & essence free. I wash the sheets once a week. More if need be. Customers love it & complement what a great idea. The front buckets have seat covers.

The first person who can do what you want will make millions! I also try very hard to contain and eliminate odors left behind by pax. I wipe all interior surfaces, seats, floor mats with a cloth moisted with best detergents. I use ozium after stinky pax. I use febreeze to freshen up the cloth seats, floor mats.

My car doesn’t stink,but I would just like a non-aggressive smell. I haven’t used air freshener since the 90’s with those stupid trees. I went to Walmart today & there were so many options.

Buy ozium from Walmart. I think it was about $3.00 and helps with immediate relief after a very offensive smelling pax leaves the car and you get a request immediately. In such a situation no matter what you do, you need ozium since there is no time.

I chop my own coffee beans & grinding them not so fine would make an excellent freshner. In regards to the ozium spray,I have smelled it before. It’s strong,but not gross. I had really bad allergies as a kid.

I too am so allergic to cologne and strong fragrances that, I only use deodorant. And that’s enough for me. Speed Stick Gel is best among them

The trees usually work well for me. I try to get a fairly neutral odor like leather or black steel - something that’s supposed to smell like a car. Anyway, I never hang it from the mirror. I will let it sit out a day then put it in my car under the drivers seat.

My strategy, and it has been working well for a year, is to spritz Febreze (original) lightly upon all seating surfaces and the headliner after each shift, then crack the windows and park the car in a cross breeze.

I like febreeze gain scented as everyone loves the smell of fresh clean laundry. Another good one is lavender vanilla and the scent is proven to highten moods and isn’t to strong.

I use fabreeze scented armor all. Seriously it does exist. The coffee beans work wonders. This is the best and only thing I learned from Howard Stern. I seems the strip club that the staff went to had small cloth bags of coffee beans in the toilet to use to remove stripper stank. Nuff said.

I used to use febreeze vent clips and get lots of compliments. Recently switched to scent bomb “clean cotton” pretty much the best thing you can get. Will get your car smelling amazing.

I use this and keep it in the console. I usually apply it at the beginning and midway through my shift. Get compliments on it all the time and people asking me what is it and where can they get it. Never had anyone complain about it ever.

On my Uber car i keep it simple. 1/3 Windex, 2/3 distilled water. Clean it and wipe down full interior with cheap paper towels from Walmart… $19 for 20 rolls.

I have one of the vent clips called pink sands, figured I would give it a try. I don’t keep it on the vent but rather in the little cubby in front of the shifter. It smells great and a bunch of people tell me so.

An old trick learned from veteran limo driver his cars always smelled really clean. He used to put couple dryer sheets under the seats. It’s a Very clean Smell & not too strong. Oh & very cheap too.

I use Febreze clips in Vanilla. It smells amaaaazing and it just gets rid of all those nasty odours. I usually adjust the intensity of the smell according to my mood.