Best air freshener to use

I have a can of Ozium for emergency use. Picked up a worker from a nursing home. He reeked of feces. It was a penetrating stench. After dropping him off I drove home from the trip, showered and threw my clothes in to the washing machine. Filled the car with Ozium and let it set. Then I sprayed extra Febreze in the car.

A couple sprays of ozium several times a month. I use simple green to clean my rubber floormats and to clean my pleather seats, i dunno if that counts as air freshener.

There’s no scent you can put in a stale smelling car to make it smell better. The idea is to remove all scents and odors. Nothing works better than rolling down the windows for a few minutes.

The best air freshener is Ozium. Most auto parts stores carry it. Seen it a Walmart before but not recently. Car washes usually carry it. I really like it. Also since I drive with my dog, and believe she doesn’t smell, others may disagree.

I use the Febreze vent things only open a small bit b/c they are pretty powerful + I keep Febreze fabric spray in the driver’s door pocket. If I get a smelly pax I can spritz the flooring in the front and back after they get out but before the next pax gets in. I consistently get compliments on how nice the car smells and/or questions around what do I use to keep it smelling nice.

Little Trees Coconut just tear plastic a little dont open all the way. Best part is it doesnt smell like coconut or perfumey. Just fresh. Only car freshener scent that doesnt make my eyes tear.

I’ve used the Febreze allergen reducer to get a alcohol smell out of my car. But use Airwick’s Hawai’i Kaloko-Honokohau (exotic papaya & hibiscus) automatic spray. Usually just one or two sprays and it fills the car.

Here is the trick. Take the whole thing out of the plastic cover and throw it under the seat. Guaranteed you will get a comment on how great your car smells.

I keep some fresh coffee beans in a pouch under the seat. Keeps the mild smell lingering for over a month. Ozium for those instant whiffs in between rides when you have the rider leave his signature behind. I usually prefer having no fragrance at all. Just a clean and fresh cabin air filter does the trick mostly. I’ve tried various products like trees and gels however it’s very temporary.

I keep a can of spray Lysol under my driver seat and spray the seats and door handles every time anyone stinks like they’re going to / coming from the bars, or sniffles, sneezes, or coughs. Lysol and windows. Plus industrial mats for the floor so nothing gets into the carpet to stink later.

I use the febreeze clips too (linen sky or something)…BUT… around 2% of my pax seem to be allergic to it and start sneezing when they get in the car.

I just use the air freshener that Uber provides us. Every now and again I supplement that with Febreze with Gain scent overnight.

Since my car is leather, people just think they are smelling all of the leather. I get compliments every night. I think a bottle of this was $10, which will last me probably forever. Unlike a couple bucks at a time for a temporary scent gizmo.

I drive with windows down a lot, that helps the most. I have commerical rubber mats on floors that I can power wash. I’ll also use a Little Trees New Car scent.

First day open put under the seat as they’re kinda potent, second day for the next 2 weeks I hang on the turn signal lever. I also use a solution of Pine Sol to wipe down dash, doors, etc when I wash the car instead of stinky lysol or simple green.