Best 5 Cars for Uber X, XL Drivers - Top car is and has been Prius hands down

(Image source: Free Lyft & Uber Ride)

Driving for Uber—the 69 billion dollar company—is a serious business.

It's not surprising that, in the U.S. alone, the company has over 160,000 active drivers, receiving $656.8 million of payments, according to the Benenson Strategy Group. To say that it makes sense to drive for the company, whether for a full-time or part-time, is an understatement. But to get into the business, you need a car.

Not just any car, but the right car that fulfills Uber's requirements. So, I have compiled a list of the top 5 cars that are not just useful, suitable, and popular for Uber drivers, but also profitable to them. The list consists mainly of UberX car categories; although, some models are selected at random—I've included them because they're suitable for Uber trips.

I didn't use specific factors, such as luxury, durability, or gas mileage as the basis for this list. I only use features that are beneficial for both Uber drivers and their passengers—such as cars with elegant interiors, spacious seats, and simple technology; cars that make for a great "customer experience" for a passenger and stress-free for the driver.

Here are the top five cars for Uber drivers:

1. Toyota Prius Prime (2017 Model)

There's nothing better than driving a Toyota, especially if you're running a ridesharing business with it.

Among the Toyota brand, there's no better make than the Prius species. For an Uber driver looking to run your business, there's no better option than the 2017 Pruis Prime.

(Image source: MotoTrend)

The hybrid car is relatively larger (can accommodate four passengers, making you earn more than your competitor), it is strong and sexy (it's muscular, smart, and good-looking, and has an advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain that includes a 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle engine), and its 8.8 kilowatt-hours lithium-ion battery is bigger and more powerful than that of other Prius models.

All these aside. When it comes to a driver's safety, the Prius comes with a powerful forward collision warning system and light steering technology to ensure a free, safe ride for both personal and Uber trip purposes. However, its price tag is hefty: $29, 116 (market price).

2. Honda Civic (2016 Model)

Finally, Honda created something novel and fresh to its buyers: The 2016 Honda Civic.

(Image source: MotoTrend)

The Civic' most iconic features include:

  • Elegant interiors
  • Large cabin
  • Fuel-efficient engines

These are all important features beneficial for an Uber driver. The elegant interiors will mean confident trips for a driver. The large cabin keeps them warm and focused as they drive. The fuel-efficiency, on the other hand, will save them more and put more money in their pocket. Like the Prius, it has a fully-functional collision system that warns the driver of a possible crash before they happen, but unlike Prius, it's affordable. With as low as $18, 998, you can buy one. That's one of the major reason it tops this list.

3. Ford Fusion (2017 Model)

It has six engine options.

It has LED-enable headlights.

It has a revised center console layout.

And its excellent exterior styling is tempting.

(Image source: USNews)

The 2017 Ford Fusion is comfortable both for personal use and for ridesharing business for three reasons:

First, its remarkable Blind Spot Information System, which features cross traffic alert and a standard rearview camera, can facilitate a driver's trip at any time of the day.

Second, its controlled damping and pothole detection means the Ford will stay longer, fetching money for the driver, and requesting less from them.

Third, its airbags and emergency brake assist call for full security. Something anyone who spends longer time behind the wheels won't ignore.

However, at $22, 885, that's a bit huge.

4. Mazda3 (2017 Model)

Its security feature is one of the things that make Mazda3 suitable for Uber trips. The car is already an IIHS Top Safety Pick+, which means any rider is safe and secured as they cruise with their passengers. But that's not enough. The vehicle has a lot more fun features that any Uber driver will die for…

(Image source: MotoTrend)

The 2017 Mazda3 has improved camera system. While you're driving, the car can help you detect pedestrians so that you'll stay safe, sound, and at ease. The electronic parking brake is another unique feature of this model to help the passersby know that you're not on the move. Above all, its full-color and digital information screens are alluring—they can seduce any passenger to want to ride it at any cost.

Taking about cost… Masda3's fair market price is $17, 801, but it worth it.

5. Nissan Altima (2016 Model)

It wins the IIHS's 2016 Top Safety Pick+ and is second to none when it comes to EPA, which is rated 27/39 mpg city/highway, but … the Altima is pretty expensive.

(Image source: USNews)

At $23, 071 you probably will think a lot about investing in it. Nonetheless, there are a lot more features you'll like about this car. For example, Altima has fuel efficiency, economy, and acceleration—something any Uber driver will love. When it comes to the interior, the car has a quiet, beautiful look, which will give the rider a piece of mind as the drive. It also has great safety prevention systems, such as intelligent cruise control that automatically manages your speed to avoid preventable accidents.


These are the five cars you can get to run your Uber business. Each of the cars is good for an Uber driver because of its safety, economy, and sleek, stylish interior and exterior designs. The good news is that it's not necessary that an Uber driver owns one of those; any driver can lease any serious one of the cars to operate their ridesharing business.

If a driver's goal is to increase their job success without compromising their safety, investments, and risks, then any of the cars in the list mentioned above will do. It's up to a driver to choose the one they like.