Before you fall for this company hook, line and sinker, let's dig deeper into the numbers

First, there is a flat rate from SM to LAX: $30 for South of the 10 fwy, and $35 for the North side. That should be the comparison point vs your deeply subsidized uberx fare. Those subsidies not only come from investors, but also at the expense of drivers’ earnings.
There is no flat rate from the airport, but the official estimate to SM is $36, plus $4 surcharge. I ve seen fares as low as $23 +$4 to the closest part of SM.
To make the comparison from LAX, we ll need to see how the TnCs operate from there, surge wise, but if it goes to 3-5X, that uberx fare could be $60-$100, plus $4. We ll see if the surge gets capped at some level but when all those pax request at once, something has to give.

Well we have taxis that are somehow on the UberX platform… I don’t know if Uber knowingly allows that or not. But no, like most medium sized cities Des Moines only has X & XL.

I think the main problem riders have is ordering Uber X and expecting anything BUT a taxi. It may be an executional cab with a pleasant driver, but expectations - justified or not - are not met.

On Saturday I got a $20.00 tip on a $24.57 fare, to the Del Mar horse track. Today I got a $10.00 tip on a $7.96 fare & a $3.00 tip on a $11.34 fare. I’m working the conversation, put some butter on that bread.

I was commenting on the lawsuit. We are NOT employees, and those trying to make it what it isn’t could screw up a good thing. Over 1,000 trips part-time and enjoy what I do. I don’t want it changed for the worse because of people trying to make I what it is not.
And you might figure out what the meaning of troll is.

If Uber is forced to make their Drivers employees instead of Independent Contractors the entire concept of Uber will change.

The charges per trip will double or worse. And the added red tape for both Uber and the Drivers will make the experience less desirable to the public.

Why shouldn’t my brother who I just called to pick me up at the airport and give me a ride to my hotel have to “follow regulations”?

And after he drops me off he is going to pick up my wife at a restaurant and bring her to my hotel.

WHY??? Why would you put your tips into your bank account?! Keep the cash and use it before you pull out your debit card. Keep it TAX FREE!

Those are gypsy cabs, and I don’t think they are supposed to be using the UberX platform. Riders complain that they called for Uber and got a illegal cab.

Who the heck doesn’t walk around with cash these days?
I can’t believe it.
Anybody that says that they don’t have any cash on them is either completely tapped out or lying.
They say that they don’t have any cash when it’s convenient to do so.

I want to be a real independent contractor, not the employee I already am. I don’t need any of the extra benefits, but what I also do not need is Uber telling me how to run my business. Send me the customers, let me set the price, let the market decide if it wants to take a chnce on my rating and we’re done. That’s what I want.

Passanger thinks and feels they have control over Uber drivers thanks to the rating system.
They just want to get a high quality services in cheapest way possible.

Because Uber told every pax in the beginning that the tip was included in what they were paying. Which all pax believed and most still believe to this day.
Also, with Uber cutting fares, they are catering to a certain class of pax; cheap people. People that probably don’t tip anyone.

I get tipped every single day. About ten percent of my daily income is tip money, about 30% of my Uber rides end in a cash tip.

About 50% of my Lyft rides tip a dollar or two from the app because Lyft allows them to do so.