Been driving for awhile now with a 4.9 rating and this is my policy:

I don’t assume anything. I look at where the pin is dropped and apply logic (does this location make sense?). If its a mixed use area I text the passenger while in route to clarify their location. When I arrive I wait about a minute or two and then text them my location. After 4-5 minutes I call and confirm I am in the right place and if they are coming out soon.

I get misplaced pins every shift. Some are off only a block while others are off up to 2 miles.

I knew the expectations of my job and the expectations of my passengers when I signed up. I personally don’t get some driver’s ‘Nazi’ attitude towards their riders.

It’s a red flag potential problem once a ride is started. The pax should be IN the car before you swipe in case you need to make a decision to not do it. Once you say it’s on, there is no looking back. Charge a customer for no ride and Uber will come a callin’

Trust me, I can make a decision not to do it whether or not the pax is in my car or not. Uber loves people like you who just bend over and continue to take it up the a$$.

Stick your spiel in your own hole. I made a simple observation that stands to be repeated from time to time for the ignorant. Don’t start rides without pax. Got a problem with that statement? tough

I have located pings, pax, pickups whatever you call them; up to miles away.
Common sense and local knowledge play a key factor. I go with information gotta communicate with the rider.

I also cannot understand why some drivers expect passengers to know where they are and to request a pickup at that location. What could they be thinking? And how about those drivers that think just because a passenger can follow his/her progress on the App that the rider should be ready to leave within a minute or two of their arrival.

Wow!! One cancel from a drunk passenger and Uber contacted you about it to ask why? That’s impressive. I am so happy for you that all was well with your one drunken fare cancel.

Really. How do you figure? I thought I was giving rides in my car for money. Sounds like a Taxi or “ride sharing”. Perhaps this goes back to my first question to you. What are the expectations of the passengers when they request a ride at 40% less than a Taxi in someone’s private car?

True about being in the customer service business. However, especially with nighttime drunk passengers, if you let them take advantage of you, they will.

Now that I’ve read your response, I agree with you. I’m not out doing this for my health. I’m doing it to try to make money! Granted, I’m also doing it because I think it is somewhat fun to meet new people and possibly network with them. But the bottom line is, if I wasn’t making money, I wouldn’t be doing this.

I’ve made one cancellation so far, of which Uber apparently refunded the pax with no questions asked. When I noticed it a few days later, I emailed them and asked why they did not contact me to ask me about why I canceled.

Unlike you, I don’t let the little things piss me off. So far I’ve consistently averaged $35/$40 hr. driving for Uber for some time now. And that without getting twisted up over pins in the wrong location, passengers who don’t come running to the car when I pull up and those that have me drive 17 minutes to take them only on a 4 minute ride.

I’ve never had a drunk take advantage of me. They’ve all either been very quiet or very friendly. The only negative experience was the one who got belligerent when I went to his pinned location and it was actually a few miles from where he was.

First, the rate is only 22% cheaper than a taxi in OKC. Second, you may see your job as ‘ride sharing’ or a ‘taxi’, but that short sightedness is often what separates those that succeed from those that simply flounder about.

You could be peddling tires, shoes, or ride sharing… as long as you have competition and your customer has other options, then all you are really peddling is customer service. If you don’t get that, you are simply leaving the door open for someone else to pass you by on their way to success.

Pax is incredible thick, they never now if you arrived, never think that 25 min you waiting for them is your time, and in the end after waiting 25 min pax will ask you have you start the ride et? (Find out after all she give me a 1 star) what a b$&@€ so my suggestion never wait more than 2 minutes, text/call, then 2 min live … Do not waist time on them

You’re obviously a person who can’t do simple math. When fares are cut by whatever percentage, the net profit cut is a much larger percentage. Most areas for normal UberX fares are now a lower gross before cost than the standard IRS deduction for mileage.