Be firm with these entitled pax

I had a short run from a hotel to the airport. The pax walks up to the car carrying a cup of coffee. I told him that the coffee had to ride up front with me. He also gets in front and hands over the offending item. I put the coffee in my cup holder.

A couple of minutes into the ride the pax looks down at his coffee.

  • “Can I drink it?”
  • “No.”

My car is not a mobile coffee shop. Surely they can either finish eating and drinking before they call for a ride, or wait until it is over.

Use Fabreeze. Its formula actually neutralizes odors. Read about how it works on their webpage. I keep a bottle in the trunk. I use it before I start daily, and after pax stink the car up with BO, farts, or food smells on their clothes.

You guys are crazy. I don’t allow eating or drinking in my car. I lost a whole night’s wages after a customer dumped her whole bottle of water onto my seat and Uber refused to charge a cleaning fee.

If you allow “sealed” beverages, they will pour alcohol into a pop bottle. They don’t give a damn about you losing your license and having to pay fines because they are drinking in your car.

I just started working yesterday - my first day! And to be honest I never considered this issue. But I will now. Our local public buses don’t allow open food and drink on their vehicles and won’t even allow you on board until you either eat it or ditch it. And the public knows this rule. Why would it be any different for us? No open fast food and drinks for me.

All weather floor mats and fitted (read, good quality) seat covers on all seats, front and back. And a plastic liner in the trunk. And I still do not allow eating in the car. A sign is a good idea, because then you can’t be accused of singling anyone out.

I also have barf bags in the front seat pockets and rear side door pockets, and carry a “cleanout kit” in the trunk (square pail, sponges, windex, febreeze, dawn dish soap, roll of blue paper towels, rubber gloves).

It all fits in the pail and stores nicely in a corner if the trunk. All I need is some water and I can get most anything spilled cleaned up quickly before it sets. All of this can be found easily at the dollar store.

She drenched a whole bottle of water on my back seat. I had to go home and soak it up with towels and wait for it to dry. Are you thinking you’ll get 5 stars with a wet seat?

I was once dumb enough to allow vaping. I said “Okay, that doesn’t smell as bad as cigarettes. Just blow it out the window” Did they? No. They blew it right in my face and that was the end of allowing vaping.

Water from a bottle doesn’t empty instantly. The only way to empty a sizable bottle on a seat is to turn it up and do it on purpose. If she did that I hope you tossed her. And no you won’t get 5 stars for a wet seat.

That’s another good reason to keep a portable wet vac in the trunk. I’m sure you DID lose money on the deal if you took the time to dry the seat completely. Sucks.

I had a drunk looser let his water bottle tip over in the seat and drain completely. I was done for the night. The *hole tried to set his water bottle up in the seat next to him and let it fall over.

Uber told me since there was no real damage, I got no $$ for having to call it a night at midnight. I did a jet home and used a shop vac to get most of the water out. I did take the next day off as planned, but I left a fan in the car to dry the seat.

This is great information. I’m off to the dollar store before my next work shift! And I will make a sign as well. Thanks for all the good information. I had no idea! LOL

A wet vac in your trunk? really? Where would you plug it in? What do you do when your next customer is two people going to the airport with 3-4 bags of luggage? What good would it do anyway? Yes, you can vacuum up some of the water but that won’t dry it enough to continue driving that night.