Bad experience With Hyundai Sonata 2018 Driving For Uber / Lyft

I was so happy working for Uber and lyft that I Made enough money to be able to buy a brand new car 2018 Hyundai Sonata. After driving for an hour, the car started vibrating, and my rider was concerned if the car was going to make it to the destination. I was also worried, so I took the car back to the dealership and explained the car vibrates really bad After driving for an hour. So now I am fighting with Hyundai to take the car back and give me my money, so I can get a reliable vehicle my question is, have anyone else had this problem with a new car Hyundai Sonata? If so, Please let me know.

People buy those cars because they think they are featured packed great values. Many are junk. I know so many who regret buying them and so many problems. Better off to buy a better make, even if it is a year old. They stiff have factory warranty and much better cars.

The car is brand new, so it obviously has a factory warranty…I bought a 2014 Hyundai Sonata and never had a single problem with it…has 113,000 miles on it now…and I’m going to buy another one next month…Hyundais are very good cars…

Toyota is better than Hyundai but more expensive. Hyundai’s are better than ever, get the same gas mileage as a Toyota, have the best warranty of any car, and more luxury items included for the standard vehicle. I have had 3 Hyundai’s, never had any trouble with any of them at all. The main problem is the resale value goes down very quickly and that the model had a bad reputation 20 years ago that they have never lived down. It’s a great car today, get over it. You get more for your money than a Toyota where everything is extra. Don’t buy the Myth; they are good cars, but yes, not as good as Toyota.

But in all honesty, go take the vehicle to a tire shop. Make sure the tires are properly balanced that’s really the biggest thing that causes vibration, it’s possible a weight fell off a tire…

Leave the car at the dealership and when the bank calls tell them you’re not interested anymore. I doubt the down payment will be returned.

Do not do that, you have to meet with the GM, general manager, where you bought it and have it repaired or returned under the lemon law, they will have it checked out and fix it at their expense, but probably won’t take it back as you bought it, you are stuck with it.