Bad experience last night

Call the rider and he asks “are you the car with the taxi on your car?”
Gets in says " I have a few friends with me." Jammed 4 in back seat. I tell him he needs another car or an XL. All of them drunk…saying it’s only down the road for a 25 mile trip, trying to persuade me with a good tip then $25. His friend in the front starts to put his hands to my face. They finally get out. Customer support called me within 10 minutes of filing a complaint. Needless to say my night was done.
Can the passenger rate me? We didn’t move, I started the trip, completed it, had to say rider made me feel unsafe and I got a fee for it.

Did you report it or did they? And yes they can report once trip is started. NEVER start a trip till ready to pull off.

I hate those bastards that actually feel that they can pull that off. They are always HIGHLY offended when they are stopped in their tracks. Shutting them down feels like a 100 dollar tip to me.

I always keep my doors locked until I get to the pickup location. If I feel uncomfortable or something doesn’t look right i roll down the window just enough to talk. If they give me beef I cancel the ride and leave. Not worth the hassle or drama.

Learn from this. Never start the trip until you’re driving away. I’ve dodged many unfair ratings because i follow this rule.

Always report situations like that ASAP. You started the trip, yes, they can rate you but if you don’t do it immediately, the bastards can lie on you and say something to get you kicked offline for 24-48 hours like, you were intoxicated, etc. This is why the rideshare company is NOT your friend. Never start trip until you’re sure about the ride.

Once the guy up front started putting his hands on your face, that’s unwanted touching. You would have every right to call 911. I’m glad they just got out of your car.

Protect yourself stand your ground. You did everything right they was 100 percent wrong. If you feel unsafe protect yourself cancel the ride an remove them from your vehicle. I have had a drunk put his hands over my eyes from the back seat. I pulled over called lyft an they can never use lyft again.

Always keep do it locked. I had a family of 5 who wanted to get in my car but they kept one kid across the parking lot so looks like a family of four. I always keep my doors locked and talk to a cracked window. They said the same thing it’s only down the street I told them they need to get an XL. I told them they had to cancel because I wasn’t going to. So they cancelled