Avoiding getting the bad ratings

When I am driving and I really don’t want drive too fast, slow, bumpy or anything that makes pax unhappy. Granted I’ve had several close calls in my car with an pax and I’ve been lucky that all of these close calls were not my fault and I did right thing to avoid an accident. I always apologize to my pax although I know its not my fault, they always assure me that its not mine anyways. I’ve had one pax roll down his window and yell at the other driver which made me feel good.

The day a pax threatens me, for anything, i don’t care what you say but if you threaten me, I will stop the car, end the fare and tell the pax to call for another Uber. I will also wait with the pax. I also will email Uber and tell them to refund the pax and remove the trip from my dashboard. This has not happened but came very close to happen couple of weeks ago.

As for trolls telling you that you don’t have balls to do this, ignore them, when they are in same situation they will come to understand why its difficult to act.

Don’t take it personally. If you do you should not drive in SF. The vast majority of people are just trying to get around. Observe closely and you will see there is a natural ebb and flow to how it works.

You drive people around. If you drive erratically then they will complain. Don’t be surprised by this. It is normal.

If someone will not exit your car. Call the police or remove them. Go on about your business. They will eventually want out the farther away from their destination they get.

Go into the drivers office and plead your case. It is at 301 Vermont st SF.

That’s the best option. Should have kept him in the car and driven to the police station. Hey A-hole. You are now farther from your home. Want to try door number 2 now?

Nothing is bugging me, bud.
I don’t take it personal. I don’t drive erratically. This was an exceptional case. I’ve already stated here that I SHOULD NOT HAVE done that. That means regretting it. I do not need advices on how to remove people from my car either.

In this instance, when he threatened to call the police I realized that since he’s a block away from his destination and asking me to get him there I’m way better off to do that than call police, drive to police, or wait until cops come after his call, because it will take A LOT OF MY TIME.

The time is money. I’m working here. Putting my time to make a buck.

So, I didn’t need to escalate already bad situation. My decision to comply with his request to take him to the destination was the less of all evils.
The reason I started this post is only only money. My pay for the job done.

This was childish and an example of poor driving. Not what anyone would expect from a professional driver…you know professional as in someone that gets paid to drive.

This demonstrates a “lack of balls”. You made the decision to tell the passenger to exit your vehicle and then became intimidated and did what he told you to do. No balls.

This is Uber and your passenger rewarding you for your unprofessional driving and your lack of balls. Move on and grow the **** up. BTW - internet balls don’t count as REAL ones. Good luck!

LookyLou asked a good question. You seem really hostile in your first posts. We all get venting, we all handle out venting in different ways. You just seem to carry the hostility past a point we wouldn’t say is “good” for a passenger.

First impressions and all that right?

What question did he ask?
He didn’t ask any questions, he stated his opinion. He hasn’t actually answered my question.
Yeah, yeah, I get it: you all are good angels venting and I’m not cut for the job, no pay for my time, hostile, ball-less, etc. What else?

I would have called the cops myself if a rider won’t get out of my car when I tell him to. I would tell the cops either get this guy out of my car or I will. Not being a tough guy, but nobody is staying in my car who I don’t want in there. And I would definitely no way be bringing them to their destination. That’s just me

I feel cheated out of my fair compensation for the job done.
I don’t need to go there, because there’s email.
Others here feel that I didn’t earn it. This is what I wanted to gage with my topic, do I claim my wages with Uber, or not.
But, I’m being totally judged and insulted instead.

You provided a service, and need to be paid for it, if Uber wants to grant a refund, they should do so from their end. Also, if the guy tells you he’s calling the cops on you and you tell him that the ride is over and to get out; wait for the cops to arrive. They can’t cite you for a traffic offense that they didn’t see you commit, and you can have the guy arrested for disorderly conduct (not leaving your personal vehicle). In the end, you didn’t get paid, and you probably also took a 1 star rating to boot.

Why did you make a shooting gesture at the other vehicle? Are you a teenager? Cause he honked at you??

Story doesn’t quite add up. It takes something more extreme for a passenger to threaten to call the police. Waiting for you to add something like “oh and I tried to diddle him”

The police would have been on your side. Instead of getting this guy thrown out and moving on with your day, you took it in the ass from him, you bent over to his demands, and then got rammed hard by Uber with no pay and a crap rating. The pax got a free ride and probably some ride credits from Uber. If the police had come and you got a police report from them saying that they ejected a pax for you, Uber would have had to pay you and most likely would have thrown out the rating as well. In the end, you couldn’t have lost more than what you already did. GROW SOME BALLS MAN, STICK UP FOR YOURSELF.

When you go onto an internet forum and tell people that you did something really stupid, what do you expect? Would you expect anything different if you had crapped your pants and posted a picture of it?