As a Driver I refuse to be threatened,verbally or physically abused by these Pax

I was in a good mood until I got a ride request from an Amber at 7:08 this morning. I pulled up at her location, the apartments didnt have an address or name of the apartments. I went down the street to turn around. I called pax Amber, to get details on address. She started cussing and calling me names. She stated that she is already late. I kindly hung up the phone and cancelled the ride.when.I heard all the foul language. I logged off so I wouldn’t​’ get her again. Next thing she started texting from the Lyft app with threatening messages. I feel that as a Driver I refuse to be threatened,verbally or physically abused by these Pax. I am requesting that she be deactivated before this becomes more serious. What would you have done?

Report her to Lyft for sure. Also, ask Lyft to be certain that the two of you can never paired again.

Copy the message and send to uber. They will block her if they feel she was abusive to you. Which of course she was.

I know all markets have Problematic Pax, but DAYUM, it’s a constant here in Atlanta!!!
ESPECIALLY for only $.69 & $.75 a mile!!!

People like that need banned from the app altogether. No driver deserves that kind of abuse whatsoever! Hugs to you! Shake it off! Don’t let someone like that ruin your whole day!

U know it’s just amazing how these pax will treat drivers and their cars. I mean I am using my nice well earned car, with leather seats, that I’m keeping it clean for your ass to sit in and keep up with maintenance for u to be comfortable in to your destination and you gonna be mean to your driver or my car? Goodness people are ungrateful.

Almost same thing happened to me this morning except she didn’t call me afterwards. They should not be able to call us after we cancel. Sorry it happened to you.

The same. Then take screenshots of the messages and send them to Lyft, explaining to Lyft that I refuse to be abused in this manner by a belligerent rider and insist that I not be matched with this nut job again.

The other night I had a passenger ping me, as a courtesy I often call them with an ETA, specially if its more than a few minutes of a wait…well apparently 5 minutes was too long to wait for me…rider was hung up on and cancelled on…my tolerance level has lowered since I started doing this…

Tell them to call a cab instead, it will only take 30 minutes… then another hr… then 45 more…

Talking like cheap cabby. Maybe now you understand cabby feels same pain.

Don’t know about Lyft, but on Uber you can request a rider never be paired with you again and they will block that specific rider. I had one rider I decided I never wanted again!

That’s if you rate them; you can’t rate a cancellation. But if you immediately contact support and let them know what happened, they will never pair you with them again.

Assuming the apartment is her’s and you still remember the address…you can always send her glitters anon style

If I were you I would have stayed in a good mood, knowing that I had avoided being trapped in my car with such a wretched creature! Good job!

If you’re not in a big hurry, go hide around the corner and stay connected to the ride. The longer she waits before cancelling, the later she would be!

I am LMAO. She cussed me out on my voicemail, and text me and cussed me out. I took a screenshot of the message check it out.

I had someone give me a bad review for no reason and Uber agreed to make sure I didn’t get a call from her again. Picking up people’s kids from school makes me a little nervous.

Why do you pick up minors? Against the rules not to mention what can happen to you

I would have let her know while she is wasting time texting me she is going to be more late. Go ahead and order your next uber. Have a great day! Bye Felicia!