Are you up to date with the latest Uber requirements?

They don’t care if you have allergies or dog’s hair in the seats after a ride, and they will not charge the pax cleaning fees for any mess involving a service animal. Either you accept it or you’ll be kicked out.

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Yes, it’s called ADA no one is exempt from it even police dept, busses etc.

May not be right but it’s the law, and if you break it you get punished. You may not agree with the law it doesn’t mean is wrong.

This again, yes we are all aware. It’s not Uber it’s the law always has, always been, and will be.

So I can take my dog with me when I Uber and the pax has to be ok with it? If not I can sue?

Is it a service animal?

Well, yes, it is a service animal.

What service is the animal trained to perform?

She patrols and protects our property.

Once you have seen the difference a service animal can make in someone’s life, you won’t be so harsh to condemn them.

Does not apply to “Service Animal In Training” or support animals.

You’ll never know if they are in training or support all they have to say is service animal. Can’t by law ask if they are either one.

In Training must be labeled per guidelines. Anything other than a dog is a support animal & more than 75% of them are only support animals, not service.

A service dog is well trained and behaves appropriately, if not, then they can be denied.

Accept service animals or be deactivated, why don’t you just quit now if you don’t agree with the federal law.

Someone is going to sue and win big…because of their health ends up being at risk…it’s going to cause a problem. It will be a battle of who’s life is more important, the person being allergic and possibly dying or the person wanting/needing a ride who has a service animal?

My friend trains service dogs, and not only do they go through strenuous training people pay a lot of money for them. For example, the eye seeing dogs are roughly 40k. Emotional support animals, on the other hand, are not certified to go in public other than the airport.

TIL that there is such a thing as “service monkeys”. Bet it’s fun trying to maneuver in heavy traffic while having feces thrown at you.