Are you deactivated if you're trying to go online and it won't let you and you uninstalled and reinstalled the app?

Here’s what happened tonight. Sitting in my driveway waiting for the first call. 45 + comes up. So it’s Friday night and I’m thinking it’s some City trip. I accept I go to the house I’m pull down the driveway and there’s suitcases and a wheelchair. A nurse comes out I get out of the car and I ask where are we going. She tells me Connecticut. It’s her and the two elderly people she takes care of going to a graduation. Now I get why some of you cancel the 45 Plus. She starts loading my car I told her to hold on to let me check my rate card and to see if this maxes out my earnings. And of course it does. I tell her I’m going to have to cancel and she tells me I’m going to have to talk to her boss. So after a three-way conversation of talking to mr. do you know who I am they’re calling Lyft to complain. Lyft calls me to see what’s going on and I explained that the trip is more money than my Max allowed. Mr. do you know who I am tells them he’s just going to venmo me the money. I don’t even know what venmo is and Lyft tells him he cannot do that. So I leave. I get back out to the main road and I turn on Uber just fine and I’m trying to turn on Lyft and it won’t let me. If you are a smart company wouldn’t you have left me online to see if I can continue to take trips or if I just disappear for 6 hours? And my next question is were they going to charge them per mile per minute and only give me $400?

I don’t do lyft but what do you mean by max out earnings? Like the rideshare company has a cap rate for a ride?

I’m wondering the same thing, how can they max you out on YOUR earnings when it’s earned fair and square? Is this just a Lyft thing because I’ve never heard of this on the Uber platform and if I did, I would be pissed because I don’t see how they can even do that?

Holy cow yeah it would cost more to take a trip like that I would of did the same thing it would cost more then they give u then take u hours to even get home

Both companies need to think about Lyft and or Uber “xtra” for those kind of trips with xl or suv type vehicles. A taxi can do it no problem, why not make up rates and some kind of “return compensation “

I would find out where you’re “ out of service area” is and end the trip and restart prior to leaving your service area.

And get infamous like the guy who threw the pilot(or person taking a flight?) out at the strip mall in Cali! Lolol

Sort of.
Most passengers don’t realize , as a driver, they limit us to an “area”
A cab driver can drive as far as they want and get paid. But like us, they are regulated to picking up in their “area”.
After a certain time and distance in your “area” you’re driving for free.

If you pick someone up and they choose a destination 8 hours away. They are given a price.
No one tells them
“ after 2 hours your driver is screwed”
Know your boundaries and how to explain it to a passenger.

I think it reprehensible that they think its morally acceptable to treat drivers like this.

This poor driver was just trying to stand up for her right to not be forced to take a ride where the dead heading would eat up any or most of the profit she would’ve made.

Imho it is unethical to do that to us.

We don’t need return fares back to our home town or where we like to be whike we are working when it’s in state…

But as soon as they send us out of state the rules need to change to compensate us at least back to the point we are able to make money again

What happened to we are not forced to take any ride we don’t want to Take?

So than that means u can only drive in the pink which means Connecticut is out of my rate card also

I know you cannot pick it up in New York though I would still cancel that kind of ride it’s really not worth it not to me

Nope you could pick up in all Connecticut with both Uber and Lyft and get trip back to NYC for sure on a Friday night

maybe time to look into apps doordash, postmates, and amazon flex maybe rides share is not for you in the long run.

lets just say…uber sends the request(work) only to u and its up to u to take it or ignore but with amazon its another 200 ppl tapping at that request at the same time. Folks…twust me-its not worth ur time. UNY1 vet here. Bk, NY

maybe doin food delivery for them would work. Thinking now I probably would jus take restaurant blocks and watched tv in the car for 6-8 hrs a day getting that 18$ guarantee w/o stress

Next time said that you have to pick it up your son or, your mom is sick whatever this is how lyft and Uber works. they lie to us so we have to do the same thing if we have to keep our job. This is the same like the hunger game hope yo got me

I’ll say this one more time. Until we unionize or by some other means get some consideration of our interests with teeth in it, the two companies can do nearly ANYTHING to us.

If we had solidarity, we could bankrupt them in ten days by not driving an inch.

Ive said I before and I’ll say it again. Take it to the news.
Passengers have no idea about the payment cut off. They think as long as we drive we get paid.
If the news gets involved, more people will know and they will possibly reverse the situation or more drivers will know and less drivers will take the trips forcing the companies to change their position.

Correct me if I’m wrong but they should be limiting a rider from ordering a fare that’s too much, so how would we be impacted by that?

Is someone suggesting they are going to let a rider order a $500 ride but then only pay us a max of whatever amount it is? I doubt they’re that shady and stupid.