Anyone used pepper spray on PAX?

I’m talking about not being a ego-maniacal testosterone driven animal who thinks that violence is the answer whenever someone insults his mom. Your an adult. Act like one. Think like one. Every action has a consequence. Every decision has cost. If you’re going to play captain dumbass and let loose with pepper spray just because some jackass is throwing insults you better be prepared for what follows. Best case scenario is you get a fine, a record, you loose your right to rideshare, and you have a ton of fun trying to find another job.

I think if it’s to the point of inevitable confrontation do what you have to do to avoid physical injury every situation goes down its own unique path so don’t look for certain patterns trust your instincts.

I tried out my pepper spray on myself. Sprayed some on my arm. No burning. Then I put my nose to it, and carefully licked it. Burned a little, but not as much as the beef paprikash I had tonight. They say it might not work on someone who is insane and I am that so that may be the reason, but I also do question its effectiveness.

Nope,but I’ve seen it done in a bar once. The guy who got pepper sprayed grabbed the man who sprayed him around the neck and beat the tar out of him. He took his pain out on the sprayer. Didn’t have to see him,because he wouldn’t let go of the guy who sprayed him The sprayer left in an ambulance,and was charged with assault.

As a teenager I had the pleasure of using CS spray (made by Sabre) on a guy that I had cut off in traffic; my fault. At the next light he got out of his car and angrily came up to my truck. I wouldn’t roll my window down so he started punching it real hard.

Sounds like you got crappy pepper spray. In addition, the real usage is being sprayed in the face where the capsaicin causes intense irritation to anything with mucus membranes (eyes, nose, mouth, lung passages). There’s a video of a guy on youtube who had his girlfriend spray him in the face with good quality pepper spray.

Real high quality pepper spray stops bears. It doesn’t just blind you and put you in pain, it also makes breathing itself difficult. Hard for someone to attack you when they can’t breath.

Right, try to get them out. Words don’t translate to a threat, And you spray your back seat, you’ll be done driving for weeks unless you buy new seats.

well if the guy is threatening you. saying he’s going to kick your ass. isn’t that an imminent threats. how about if you disclose that if he doesn’t shut it, your bust out the pepper spray? isn’t that given him due notice that you mean biz? i think it does. just sayin’.

You should familiarise yourself with laws in Long Beach, other communities in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area as well as the State of California regarding the possession and use of these items.

At my other job I accidentally pepper sprayed myself (Sabre also) while pepper spraying someone that I had in a headlock. It sucks but didn’t hamper my ability to fight all that much. I used pepper spray because it was more of a deterrent to someone coming back then a stomping.

Unlikely you got more than a glancing taste of it then. A full face shot of pepper spray inflames eyes to the point of practical blindness, and also causes air passages to constrict as well (in addition to the pain). If it wasn’t effective then there wouldn’t be any legal ramifications to using it.

After my 3rd week I was stopped by a police man… He want to know what I was doing on that street… I told him I was Uber…He said I could get robbed on that side of town . I said I only had 7 dollars.

He said that don’t matter over here they would take my car as Well… I picked him up at Walmart I didn’t know where he was going… at 11 pm… So yes I carry pepper Spray and a big Knife… He suggested I carry a Gun with a Permit. If uber let Me. told him No.

I just think once you pepper sprayed someone who was acting the fool, word would get out on the street that you mean serious biz. Every pax would now that your the boss and not to act out of line in your car. Just sayin’.