Anyone still open doors?

I open the door (from inside the car) sometimes, mostly for women - especially if they are carrying bags or something other than a purse. I also get out and open the trunk for airport passengers w/ luggage both at pick up and drop off.

I open doors for the very old, handicap and blind people.
Basically the ones that really need it.
I also jump out with an umbrella if it rains.

Sometimes i do if its a woman in evening dress or somebody with laggage going to airport. Or its disable person or it`s somebody who just need help

If I can I will open the door for older riders, or those who need assistance, such as the girl I took home from the ER with crutches. But, for most of my weekend night driving, it isn’t necessary or expected.

Advantages of opening the doors yourself:

Passengers can’t slam your doors or not close them properly.
Passengers can’t leave fingerprints on the windows.
You can quickly check if they’ve left anything behind or see if they’ve left rubbish, spilt/damaged anything.
Less risk of damaging your or other cars if pick up/ drop off are near other cars.
More likely to receive 5 stars - especially if other drivers do it and you don’t.

I open the trunk for luggage.

Opening the door for hot women isnt going to get you anywhere. Its not a date. Opening the door just puts you more into a chauffeur and service roll.

lol yes the other day a Indian asked for the charger, a water and piece of gum lol. I don’t provide this **** they were all my personal items so I said ok sure.

Then another Indian asked for gum today. Maybe a culture thing ?

I had a pax ask me for gum two weeks ago. I told him I’d help him out when I got through the busy traffic spot. When I got to a quieter area I pulled into a 7-11 and asked him if this would suffice for a gum stop.

My first week of Uber driving I had a prostitute ask me for water. I had to bite my tongue to keep from asking why she didn’t rinse her mouth before she left the john’s apartment. But she was OK so I pulled into a Shell station and bought us both a bottle of water.

This Uber culture of giving paxs free **** has got to stop. Seriously, we’re not limo drivers.

You are my role model! I don’t give away free ****. But I do show up with a clean car and provide snappy banter on pretty much any subject the pax wishes to discuss. Yes, I also give relationship advice and help paxs do drunken texts - that’s a friggin’ riot!

That’s pretty funny, Mike. Good one! After I posted that comment I realized I should have been clear that I got a bottle for each of us. Your head is in the same gutter as mine.