Anyone offer magazines to PAX?

I have magazines, but only ones that cost nothing, or next to nothing. My dad is a member of a magazine distributor, and publishers regularly offer the seller of the magazines a dealer cost of nothing, or next to nothing to boost their circulation. None of the magazines cost me more than $2 for a year’s subscription, and there was one I signed up for that was free. If a pax likes one, I tell them to just take it.

I didn’t ever have water when i was x and always had a 4.9. When I moved to Plus only I decided to get water. Still only offer it selectively, mainly to longer rides. I don’t leave it out for everyone.

Yeah wait till you get over 500 rides and then the ratings start going backwards! I hope they don’t but I’m about to cut my losses, I came home early tonight because $33.00 and 4 cancellation since 4:00 was enough for me! I’m pretty pissed off right now! What is your other businesses? P.M. me if you want to, I’m looking for something not sure what! Thanks.

How about the passengers who drink half of the bottle and put it back? I have to check the water bottles every time someone gets out to make sure they haven’t left a used half open water bottle. I would rather they just take it with them or leave it on the seat. I wouldn’t do water for X only Plus. I don’t mind giving them a $.20 bottle of water for the Plus fare.

My goodness Desert Driver! Two old-school terms i haven’t heard in years! “concessionaires and comport”. In the one paragraph as well.

Private school education was it?

Sydney Uber, you just totally cracked me up. I took your comment as a compliment. I hope that was the spirit of your words. No, I am a product of public education. However, I am a voracious reader and a technical writer.

I own a technical consulting firm that caters to the IT needs of small businesses and telecommuters. I also own a small property management firm that takes care of my rental properties. That’s why I purchased the roomy yet fuel-stingy Honda Fit. I driver Uber as a way to relax, step out of the IT stresses, and chat with strangers.

On x in London it’s not needed, although I offer phone charging on request and tissues. I would never offer water because, the self entitled customers would take the lot as they jump out the car in the depths of Kensington and Chelsea!

I’m on a 4.82 so it hasn’t effected my ratings!

I’d like to get vomit bags – the nice, deep plastic kind with the sturdy ring that they give to cancer patients. I think this would be the most useful for the post-bar crowd.

That style emesis bag is expensive, unless one works in a hospital and has easy access. I simply stop at the park down the street and grab several dog **** bags. Then when someone gets in my car with speech so slurred I can’t understand them, I hand them a bag and say, “Just in case…” Invariably, their companions thank me. I’ve even had a few people ask me for an extra bag or two when they leave my car. I won’t handout out gum, candy or water, but I will freely hand out emesis bags.

ahah at why would they be hot, guess you only uber in the summer with A/C? But do you really think because you have the AC on the water would be ice cold, really? (pax would really find the water refreshing if its cold)

Wow, that seems pricey, I go to Sams and get a 40 pack of 16oz bottles for $4.00. About $0.10 a bottle, so it doesn’t bother me to hand them out.

I do offer Lifesaver wintergreen mints and water to anyone that wants it, I keep the water in a cooler in my front seat. The mints, I keep in the door handles on all the passenger doors. A lot of people take the mints and are very appreciative, some have even tipped because of it, usually they are new to Uber though.

Whoever started this giving out water and candy thing is an idiot. I never have and never will give anything to clients besides a god damn ride to where they need to be.

What a waste of time money and energy. And lmao at OP being pissed at which customets take his **** he has stashed in the doors obvioisly for them. Op your an idiot.

I wouldn’t give any passenger a thing!! Most of them cheap and won’t tip no matter what.