Anyone know anything about getting into trouble for driving out of state?

In most states you are not legally allowed to drive for rideshare without that states licenses (DL and sometimes business, and sometimes additional permits) and that states insurance. On Uber it simply won’t allow you to sign on in an area you can’t legally drive with the vehicle you have, Lyft on the other hand does still let you sign on. My question is what kind of trouble are you looking at from local authorities if you get caught Lyfting from a different state? To be specific right now I’m in Nevada, But I’m a California driver. Any experience? Rumors? …

Neither app lets you sign on out of your home state.

Wrong it most certainly does Lyft allows u I was in Oklahoma last month but from New York and I worked Lyft all week long in Norman

Regarding driving lyft & uber in other states while on vacation/traveling…

This topic comes up a lot, so i figured I’d create a pinned post with accurate information on driving in other states.

You cannot drive uber in other states (places like NY & NJ have exceptions, as well as a few others, but Florida isn’t one of them) unless you deactivate your current state and go through the “new hire” process in your new state. See pictures for the uber explanation. NOTE: the word “cities” doesn’t apply in Florida because we are state regulated and can drive anywhere in the state without notifying anyone or changing anything. This information applies ONLY when changing states.

With lyft, you CAN drive in other states, meaning, the app will let you log on & accept pings, but you must ensure that you’re complying with any state/city specific laws. You must also notify lyft that you will be driving in another state BEFORE accepting any rides. This is to ensure that you’re being compliant with local laws. If you DON’T notify lyft and you’re in an accident, you will be deemed as “non-compliant” and won’t be covered. For example: both North & South Carolina require rideshare drivers to have an annual vehicle inspection done by a state certified mechanic. You must have that done, and then submit proof to lyft, and THEN you’re considered “compliant” and will be covered. Notifying lyft can be done at any hub and the change is effective immediately, or you can email them, but that can take up to 48 hours. You can also switch back to your “home location” just as easily when you return home.

(Information obtained from the lyft hub in Tampa.)

If ya sign on and get jobs good but most times app will tell you that you cant drive, not even let you sign in

Lyft will work I have done it
From New York drove last month for week in Oklahoma was

I was able to turn on and get requests in Oregon…my city is San Diego

Interesting, as far as I know rideshare is only availible in 3 cities in Oregon. I had a ride TO oregon in Uber and a glitch through me off it , then it wouldn’t let me sign back on to complete the ride because I was out of state. Lyft didn’t have me active at that time.

I forgot to mention it was Lyft. I had my friend make a request to see if I’d get the ping, and I did. It was in Corvallis.

Read the TOS
It clearly states you may drive in other states IF you meet that states requirements. They even list each states requirements. The app working is does not indicate you are allowed.

Yup. Me too. Let me sign on in Vegas. I’m not from anywhere near there. I shut it off b4 a ride request came thru. I didn’t have my car

The word “city” doesn’t apply though when you’re in a regulated state. In the majority of cases, if you’re in a regulated state, then you can drive anywhere in the state and only need to change your STATE if you’re moving. Changing cities within your regulated state doesn’t cause any issues and can be done quickly & easily at the hub.

Uber and lyft have gotten more lax about it. Of you head to another state whos rideshare rules are more lenient or the same as your state rideshare law, they allow you to drive there

… happens in Nashville all the time. If there’s a big event happening here, Uber & Lyft will guarantee drivers from other states that they will get xxx amount of rides and money, plus a bonus if they go over.
It’s frustrating.
But I think this post is just talking about the driver who is on vacation somewhere and wants to make a little money to help out where they are at the moment. Has some extra time, etc.

It’s ALWAYS been this way with Lyft “if you meet the states requirements you are able to pickup pax” these laws are mandated by each state Lyft just upholds the law in the TOS drivers agree to follow.

I’m from Florida, but a couple of years ago I drove out to Colorado and was ridesharing all around Denver for a week or two before I came back. I also signed on randomly on the way back, without picking up pax, just to see where it would connect and where it wouldn’t. Lyft is probably in a lot more cities by now than it was then.

Lyft’s TOS clearly states you MAY be able to.pick up pax in different states IF you meet that states requirements.
Tickets fines loss of insurance deactivation I are actions that could happen if you break the law and TOS