Anyone here try AKREW before?


(Kevin Brandish) #1

Saw this new service where you can attach a taxi sign to your car and make money while you drive on your rides

(Bick Bhangoo) #2

No, I have never tried anything like this in my car, but it sounds interesting.

I would first check what kind of advertisers work with them. Just make sure it’s not an annoyance for the customers. It could affect your rating and eventually could also lead to deactivation.

(Kevin Brandish) #3

Yeah I can’t find a contact email anywhere though have you seen it?

(Brandon Bhangoo) #4

@kevinbrandish I don’t see any email for them, but you can try reaching out to them on Facebook page. Here’s the link:

(Andrew Martin) #5

It looks like a good platform, but I don’t understand the principle, in the site there is no info. Only an $18/hr for FYM…which stands for feel your move. Does this mean I earn $18 an hour for advertising? If so, sure, sign me up.