Anyone giving minors a ride?

I’ve had a couple that had a 5 star rating and I took them and they where both good kids. I think if they had a questionable rating I would be much more concerned with it. I also took some teen age girls from the mall to their home and they lived on a street where a couple of police officers lived, again they where good pax so no issues.

Was Lyft so maybe that’s why he had the pic. 50/50 they got pics for all paxs now. I just thought of this what if mom and dad created the account and just put his name in and took the pic.

They could have. The kid I picked up from school was on his mom’s account but she ordered it for him because she was running late with his brother at some after school activity for him and his dad was working.

WHatever you do, don’t start the trip until you’ve sussed out the pax. If they’re a minor, politely decline stating it’s against Uber’s policy to transport a minor. You don’t need to tell them about liability issues, which they don’t care about, but rest solely upon your shoulder when transporting a minor without an adult. Uber’s insurance isn’t going to cover a thing if there is an accident and you didn’t abide by their rule. Just keep this in mind and remain steadfast.

The times I’ve tried to card people have not gone well. They get nasty, and will hammer your rating. It’s best to simply blow these people off and move on to less troublesome fares.

OK so the account factor could have been legit but if you ask how old he is and he says under 17 I should probably cancel write a note unnacompanied minor so I’m covered in case something goes wrong or just shut the hell up say hi and drive (hey he looked 18 to me) just not sure what to do. Suppose the smart thing ask age if he says under 17 cancel and report or oh he says 18 or up, lie or not just OK cool and drive.

Where I live, there are many rich area’s. many of the parents are putting Uber/Lyft accounts on their kids phones in order for them to get a ride home when needed. I am pinged at least 3-4 times a week to one of the local schools to give kids a ride home. Mostly they are all high schoolers, but yeah, some are young. 14-16 years old.

Exactly! Was paranoid as f the entire night got another younger kid looking pic from a ping later. Take it and show up I’m like hey bud just curious how old are ya? He’s like 21 need an ID? I felt like a tool after that.

This is why I have commercial insurance in my vehicle and it noted that I do occasionally use the car for personal trips. Being uber and lyft have that no unaccompanied riders under 18 in the TOS, and a couple of the parents in my area have had drivers decline to pick up the high schoolers, I have gotten several calls about doing it for neighbors.

My area has several private schools and a huge population of medical field workers who need to arrange rides for the kids. High schoolers here don’t get picked up near their house if they’re in a specialized program that has them attend a high school other than the one zoned for them.

What do you think those rich people are going to do when their kid gets hurt in an accident? They’re going to contact their rich lawyers and you will be paying out a settlement fee to them for the next 25 years as they garnish your wages. And they will be justified because you were so wrong to take their kid without them being around, even though they deceived you into it.

will not drive minors without an adult period, no exceptions. I have a pretty good life, I’d like to keep it that way.

I ask their age if I suspect they are under 18. If they are a minor, I cancel the trip, mark it fraudulent rider reason, AND email support with the reason why I canceled each time it happens. The best thing to do is avoid all schools and surrounding areas (about one mile) when they let out.

I know it stinks that we have to be like this, but they do not care one bit about you or yours. They are breaking the rules and law trying to con you, and putting YOU in harms way…

You don’t thats what a proper ID is for. No ID, no ride. And if you have to ask for ID, take a picture of it. And if its fake, most of the time, they will cancel on thier own.

The parents are breaking the law, and they know it. In this case, if they parents have they photos up, and its for sure not the passenger, without a doubt I would as for an ID. Second, I would not even take them. There is also a LOT of fraud out there.

But its against the rules, and law to lie. And if they are 16, then the parents are behind this as well. They KNOW what they are doing, or should. They are getting a free ride, and YOU are taking all the changes.
It your car, but really, why enable them to put your butt on the line? If they cared a thing about you, they would not do that to you.