Anyone falsely accused on something

I have a question. I kindly turned down a customer for a date, he turned, with an attitude, towards the window and the following day I was deactivated, per email, because of driving under the influence or driving with drugs in my car. I sent an email, to combat this accusation, to no avail. Anyone who has been falsely accused, how does this “investigation” work?

No work for 3 days you can’t do nothing about it if its lyft good luck try logging in daily they don’t tell you shit uber will only reply 48hours later enjoy your time off

Next time just say yes and tell them you’ll be free in a week. It always works for me eventually I forget who they are and they forget about me. ALWAYS stay ahead of these situations. If anything seems off, send a message to support right after you end the ride. These passengers are outta order with the b.s.

You should be able to get back on in a few days. If you haven’t already state your case. From what’s been said in the group they’ll probably rerun a background and driving record check on you.

I normally do. I always send notations if it seems off, but I picked him up from Trapeze, walking out with another chick. This was a white, African dude. He just got some pussy. Why you mad you can’t get mine. I hate that you’re going through this. Have you tried calling?

Go to the hub and talk to them. That’s your best bet. Otherwise, they run a new background check and wait to see if anyone else makes the same claim. Being that we have 24/7 phone support I would call over messaging but thats me just on reliability and urgency.

Go to the hub and talk to them. That’s your best bet. Otherwise, they run a new background check and wait to see if anyone else makes the same claim. Been driving for a year with no problems, so I didn’t feel it was necessary. I will get one now though. That’s the first thing I thought about bru!

YOU SHOULD SUE! TALK TO A LAWYER! THAT IS SO WRONG. Maybe there isn’t too much that you can do being a independent contractor. That’s why you should ask a lawyer. But fir them to deactivate you without hearing your side of the story is WRONG. If your history is good,then they have no reason to do what they did. Did they ask you what happened? Guess this is just Hilarious to you

Next time accept the date, give him a fake/google number, get your good rating and possible tip, and when he calls for the date…jokes on him

Deactivation seems standard in the investigation process to make sure allegations aren’t true…imagine if they were true & they let you still drive & something happened be a shit storm of a lawsuit

They resolved my issue about 5days later, so when reinstated, I drove solely for UBER an extra week to punish Lyft lol they even sent me a message saying something like it’s been a min, where are you rofl

The investigation is a Kangaroo Court.
I’ve have the same charge. HOWEVER, due to many illness’ over the last 10 years I dare not take anything that may impair me. I will suffer from Pulmonary issues which will stop me breathing.
I pursued this with letters from my doctor. I had already been re-activated.

Their system is why we live to make money and we are also resentful of the same.

I had something similar happen. Thank the uber gods I was not deactivated. He only one starred me with awful comments. I contacted uber and went by the office, they would not do anything about it because they said my “rating was great” even with the one star review. They are turds.

Anytime anything seems off, report it. It saves you. I had a lady go off on me because she put in the wrong address and I kept trying to go to the interstate because of it. I noted it in the comments, 1 :star: her and called Lyft. I also had to call about the passenger before her, because they left Waffle House trash all over my floor… I think he was trying to take pics.

I have a good rating too, but Lyft just don’t care!
The reinstated me a little while ago! Thanks for the support you all!
It never stuck with me. Told them it was bs and logged back on a few minutes later

That’s why everyone should write a comment after every drop off trust me . For future reference. Email when it happens. Did you ever fight it? Are you still deactivated? The hub can’t help u either I was banned a month ago…