Anyone ever pick up a Pax using a nickname?

Had a request tonight from “MISTER” in Long Branch. No thanks. First and last experience ended up being a dealer dropping off drugs. BTW, that ride got cancelled as soon as I realized what was happening

Get your cancel fee if the rider’s name is shady. Lock your doors. Sit around the corner for a few minutes.

omg :open_mouth: never heard of a story like this. Thank god you were okay and you handled that very well. Luckily, you were in security for a while and enough you know what you were doing. If anything like that happen to any driver out there which I hope it would never happen, what would you recommend on doing? I don’t know any Security like you do, so in that case, I don’t know what I have done if I was in your shoes.

I would’ve added attempted robbery and kidnapping on those crackheads
They pull a knife on me I’m going to practice my zombie training on ur ass. But I think those fuckers are scared of me cause they always you from the Bronx and I answer and I’m certified lol

Theres always a chance you get a real bad one. It looks like you can handle yourself tho. But I can understand not wanting to get into a situation like that again.

I had someone that lyft added on to my que while driving my other passenger somewhere its was longdick@gmail or something like that I canceled right away ps It was a pick up at a motel

I drove a kid from Perth amboy one early morning about 4am said he forgot his wallet at his friends house and we were going to pick it up and then bring him back home
Well we ended up on frelinghuysen ave in Newark I said are you sure this is where you want to be he said yeah i said ok I’ll wait out here on the street then he says here comes my friend now he gets out of the car walks about 25 yards and I’m watching him apparently his dealer didn’t like something he said or whatever and knocked him out with a right hook.

I got out of there quick called cops and uber

Be careful out there these people are shady af

A lot. I had reported to Iber and mostly likely they will not pair me with them again, but you want to react their account so make sure you report them. Before you all go but about about. I don’t care about the drugs the problem is the associated crime with it.

How could you not care about the drugs? Do you know if it’s in your car you are gonna have a lot of bs to deal with!

I accepted that Mister around 330am and as soon as I was 1 min away he cancelled the pickup. I was upset because it was a long pickup he was 20 min away. For him to cancel 1 min I was fuming. :triumph:

Keep doing pick ups that far your sure to kill your car and uber and Lyft don’t care.

Remember your running a business now!

This is a job buddy. No matter how you look at it. This is a business yes, that we have full control over in who we serve or not. But once u accept and go through with a pickup then we must complete the work we are being contracted for. Everyone one here has their own view on how to operate their business. Know u choose which work you do or not. This happens in many service business across the globe. I have my reasons y I choose my rides. Thank you.

And I’m talking about asking the drivers that get driver of the year or whatever it’s called they get mad bonuses like guaranteed tips and increased rates amongst other stuff

Yeah because if you just use Uber’s mileage you get screwed on all the miles it takes to get people and all that other stuff

Many pax don’t realize we can’t see the last name. They might have assumed you would see something like “Mister Smith” on your screen.

I get this a lot on GrubHub, too. Diners will enter their name as something like “T. Auspitz,” not realizing that GrubHub only gives drivers the first name and last initial, so all I end up seeing is “T. A”

Just need to put an ID scan in place for the riders. Scan to verify, check pic, all done thru the app. Have the app check for fakes. Problem solved

And what about the large percentage of riders who don’t have ID or aren’t comfortable handing it over to a complete stranger to take a picture of with their phone?

I say they want to give people IDs anyway, make sure everyone is accounted for, just do it. I never have this issue when I drive.

I still dispatch for a car & limo company. The drivers still do “local calls”. About 75% are charge accounts now, or cc’s. Very little cash even for locals. In fact the drivers beg me for cash calls so they have some cash for gas and lunch. Very rare.

For the people that work in my area. There’s a girl that gets picked up at her boyfriends house in Monmouth Beach. It’s usually in the morning and she always seems like she’s high. She is friendly enough and will ask you to make a stop at the store. She will usually buy you something to drink and she tips but be aware that she will take you on a drug run. you may not even realize it but that’s what you’re doing. After dropping her off one day I found remnants of white powder on the backseat. I reported her and rated her three stars so I don’t get hurt anymore. She uses Lyft exclusively