Anyone ever have to stop for gas with a passenger in the car?

I typically start out with a full tank, but I’ve only ever stopped when getting one of those unexpected 100+ mile trips. That’s how you get a free tank of gas. Because of an unexpected long trip. Pax were both very understanding. Put enough just finish the trip, didnt spend more than a couple of mins

Many times…
Just let then know and it is all up…
Don’t spect tip or more than 4 stars.

Otherwise, if the vibration bounces off of the seat and into the backseat through wind travel, it could be a disastrous ride, for sure. Low star rating coming my way.

Yup not because I was about to run out of gas but a 45 + was taking me to d.c. and gas is about $0.75 higher per gallon. I was just gonna stay there and work so why pay more. The pax were cool with it.

Yes. Both on long trips. One was super understanding & chill. The other claimed safety even though it added exactly 5 minutes to their trip because I got on & got off the freeway (gas station was on on exit immediately after getting off the freeway) & I got drama for it. Pax can be absolute bs.

We had a laugh all through the trip they were ok. normally what I tell my customers is I’ve never done taxi before I live outside of London in Essex but I’ve been driving armoured trucks in London the last 16 years carrying 3.5 million pounds cash diamonds to Hatton gardens and has done hostage and kidnap training but one bad thing about me is I talk to much if not say Harvey be quiet.
I do uber executive in London uk

I did when I drove someone to Columbus one night. I did it before we hit the road because I wasnt getting out in a foreign place to pump gas. He did end up filling my tank for me which was a plus.

I was getting ready to say “never!” However, I did have a family I needed to drive from DIA to Aspen (230 miles - one way). They wanted to stop at a gas station and I asked “do you mind if I fill up while we’re here?” But just on a normal day - never.

I had a 4 hour trip where I did stop for gas and they were happy because they needed to use the restrooms. In Car Lottery. I host on You Tube. Game Show for riders

Yes, once… Boston to Toronto. 8.5 hours, 550 miles. Left Boston around 21:00, pax slept the whole way. I doubt he even noticed I stopped for gas.

Yeah twice, because I get caught up in the midnight rush when bars let out. I accept and then remember my gas lights on. I always ask their permission and stop on the way never go out of the way

Yes…I have sometimes and the pax has always been gracious about it…even going into the gas station and getting themselves something…even had them pay for my gas as a tip or even my coffee too…i guess i live in a very good area with great riders :grin:

Yes it was so embarrassing! I had about 30 miles to empty, took a ride. He was 30 miles away so I was covered but when we got close, he added a second destination. I knew it was a first date so once she got out the car, I had to tell him I was on empty, 2 miles back. He was super cool and still tipped!

Yes the drop off was 45+ mins. I was sure I could Make it, but why test fate. They didn’t care, they fell asleep before I was even out the car lol.

Yeah on a long trip I asked a passenger if I can stop to fill up and he said it was cool since he wanted to get some chips anyway and asked if I wanted anything

Yes on long trips it just happens sometimes it’s unavoidable most everyone is gracious about it every once in a while you’ll get a tool who grades you negatively for it and well Karma will get them don’t worry

Yes I have Majority of the pax was okay with it and some of them went in store bought them something and offered to buy me anything I want and paid for my gas and still gave a tip on app… I have had some pretty Awesome riders I must say…:blush::blush: