Anyone else - who drives and automatic - trained their left leg/foot to operate both pedals to drive?

I noticed that if I drove for extended periods of time, I would get driver’s knee, no matter what interventions I tried. So a couple weeks ago I started training my left foot. At first, I was jerky as fuck, because I was not able to gracefully depress the pedals. Now, weeks later, my left foot toggles the pedals with the same finesse that my right foot would employ. So now, I alternate which foot I use to drive with on every other fare. Let’s see if makes a significant difference in diminishing the effects of driver’s knee.

If you have a repetitive stress injury related to working for Uber, you may be eligible for workers comp benefits. In many states there is no distinction between employees and ICs when it comes to WC.

gotta get out more bro, walk around, jump, stretch n stuff, real quick, even push ups engage the whole body

I suggest using hands…it’ll help you increase your response time in emergencies

Wow dude that’s next level … I was thinking about the same technique of switching feet … But I think it’s healthier just to force yourself to take a break outside of the car … Just stand around or go for a walk

Oh, I get out and walk every opportunity I get, but you have to remember that I work extended hours. I could work fewer hours, but I am gung-ho about hitting certain financial goals.

I get out and stretch whenever I get the chance to stop the effects.

Then it’s your posture or foot angle. I’ve done my fair share of speed skating and know all about foot pain. Gotta mess with your angles and distances, it’s more about perfect posture than perfect comfort. Avoiding pain is comfort in itself. Try situps or pushups for a couple weeks, all kinds of pains will go away. Just worked a 14 myself.

I got one good tip , try to position your seat as far back as you can reach the pedal comfortably, the goal is to keep your legs stretch out as much as possible … Letting your legs extend out at stop lights etc

No, always right. I’ve never heard the term driver’s knee. I have plica syndrome in my right knee, and degenerative disk disease in my lumbar spine. Sitting in a car for hours on end can be rather uncomfortable at times. Remember to get out and stretch and walk around occasionally too because of the risk of DVT.

I have RLS and have bad knees, so I use cruise control whenever I can. I really wish I had hand controls sometimes. Why do we still feel the need to use our feet to drive? Most of the time it’s all electronic now. anyway. Then you could position your legs however is comfortable. They have paddle shifters. And our hands are much better at fine movements…

I use cruise all the time in situations where it’s useful… e.g., the interstate, but in traffic it’s not practical.

This is actually the way that I was taught to drive.
The problem arose in stopping too fast, like stopping short, that I would stomp on both feet at the same time. It doesn’t stop you very well :wink:

Geezuz! This is why I feel we should be drive tested beyond the first time to get your license. renewed. Two feet?!?!

I’ll sometimes use my left foot to brake but never dared touch the gas pedal with my left.

In order to get the most safe and efficient handling, of your average 2 ton (5000 pound) car, you should always have your left foot on the left most corner on the raised portion of the floor.

I’m as proficient with my left as I am with my right, and it’s awesome!

Or throw in one of those food delivery app like postmate every few hours. Use a cleaner restroom than gas station and get to walk up stairs. Meet financial goals and get to stretch!