Anyone else seeing either of the two following situations?

#1 Generally unattractive woman often with one or more male friends all drinking whereby the woman pax violates the sphere of driver personal space, touching or fondling the driver from the backseat. Pax is asked nicely to refrain and immediately becomes defensive attempting to paint the situation is harmless and that if I’m not okay with it that it must be my fault that I just don’t like to have fun she actually got kind of nasty about it. Her male friends clearly tell her that hey you know relax she persists… Ultimately the ride ends and I score the the chick a1 for disrespectful behavior. if the roles had been switched and it was a male doing this to a female driver that passenger would be in jail and we all know it that behavior is not acceptable on any side male or female to male or female you do not touch the driver while in route. of course she gives me a one star…supposedly they can’t see the score we gave them until after they’ve scored us but I often wonder. This is the second time in less than two weeks this is happened and I’m sick and tired of it. the next time it happens I’m not going to give her a chance to get a score I’m going to kick her ass out and her passengers and then report her to Uber.

#2 black or other ethnic Pax attempts to fish your political viewpoints out by deliberately throwing out anti Trump statements clearly offencive statements actually regardless of what side of the fence you are on in an effort to get a reaction from you. When you don’t play the game and simply respond with I’m sorry I just don’t engage in political political or religious discussion with passengers it’s just not an advisable thing to do. They pretend to understand continue with their dating questions if you completely ignoring what you just said… Ultimately they exit the vehicle and lo and behold they give you a one-star this is happened twice in the last two weeks as well. that’s okay I saw it for what it was and they got a one-star from me as well so they didn’t get a chance to hurt me but I guarantee you my one star definitely hurt them because they had far fewer interactions than I do.

bottom line I’m seeing a trend with people deliberately trying to get you into situations where they can make a claim either you know of harassment or inappropriate discussion or what-have-you whatever you do do not play their game…and I highly recommend that you not rewarded behavior with five stars or even four or even three… If a passenger behaves in this manner either of the two scenarios give them the one that they deserve and report them. first and foremost your political viewpoints are none of their f****** business if you are pro Trump raw raw go for it if you aren’t pro-trump raw raw go for it but you do not score a driver down because they don’t agree with you or they won’t allow you to violate their sphere personal space which by the way is sexual harassment it’s against the law. the Pax who engage in this activity should be damn lucky I don’t have them arrested… And the thing is I have it all on video okay so they can’t deny that they it it happened. I don’t know who started this but it seems to be a trend where people are deliberately trying to give you one stars or to get you in trouble you know I’ve never seen anything like this up until recently so is there something going around the webs that I am missing have you guys heard anything because if this is a trend I guaran-damn-tee you I’m going to make sure that they pay for it with the score that they deserve and the report that they deserve I’m not playing this f****** game with anybody it’s not funny.

consider yourself lucky I hadn’t up until this point either but it sure as hell have in the last couple of weeks. especially the the Trump dating questions where they try to get you to admit whether you like or hate Trump… And I wouldn’t put people past doing something like that because I’ve seen that behavior before in other places. Your viewpoint whether you like him or hate him is none of anybody else’s business and end these people trying to deliberately out people who like Trump makes me sick.

I don’t consider myself lucky. I’ve been at this for over four years and 7500 rides.
Some people put off a “vibe” that causes interactions such as yours.
When people feel that they will intentionally do things to get a reaction out of you.

give me a f****** break man all I was doing was driving hurt her hand in an inappropriate place was the first indication that there was a problem I hadn’t even interacted with her other than to say hello how are you don’t tell me you get you give a vibe that’s a bunch of b*******.

H-E-B clear the number of rides you’ve had is irrelevant to me okay I’ve got a little over 2,000 big deal… You got me by a couple of thousand I’m not impressed. I was asking a question obviously it hasn’t happened to you move along please

I never said he asked for it. I never said it was ok. I stated that some people will do this to get a reaction out of the other person because they feel they can.

nope just not going to respond to you anymore okay it’s as though you don’t exist. There’s no secret that I don’t much care for you…you always seem to see the negative side and anything I post so you know just do us both a favor and I’ll I’ll just say it now don’t engage with me okay… I’m not going to respond to you going forward. Why you are a moderator it does not give you the right to harass…

And let’s get something straight I know a lot of you guys here in this world just group are Trump haters I get it okay youyou couldn’t be concerned about that in the least in fact probably quietly endorse the behavior I guarantee you if the tables were turned you would feel the same way I do about this. I deliberately avoid these discussions to prevent these things from happening but when you deliberately try to steer the conversation away from it and they continuously bring you back to it there’s obviously some motive there… And if there’s this is your latest tactic it bashing anyone who dares like the man I’ll deal with you trust me I know exactly how to deal with you. you know it’s not like I have I love Trump stickers all over my car in fact I have nothing who would it go in my car at all nothing.

it’s not that at all I mean I’ll be just simply driving an out of the blue they just go into their tirades I mean the one yesterday was unbelievable. the minute she got into the vehicle to the minute she left she was just going on and on and on you know trying to get me to to to answer one way or the other and I wasn’t going to play. I had said nothing to the individual other than hello and to verify where she wanted to go that was it nothing more.

Miss touchy-feely was within seconds after settling into the ride…she started leaning over into the center console and and in doing her you know touchy feely s*** in everything was answered in okay hun or whatever hun…I don’t give a s*** about the Hun s*** that doesn’t bother me but you keep your f****** hands to yourself. you don’t poke you don’t touch you don’t inappropriately need or another words rub that the shoulders of the driver point blank you leave the driver alone. And when asked to you know kindly refrain did it really is inappropriate no matter how you know how should we say friendly you may have intended it it’s just not appropriate behavior if I had done that as a male to a female driver in this city I would be in jail for inappropriate sexual contact or sexual harassment we see it here all the time.

it’s not a matter of being bad or good it’s just something that’s just started happening and there more than one instance of it okay I’ve been doing this for two years this is nothing new to me I’ve seen pretty much every Uber behavior you can think of and fat probably some you haven’t even thought of and I’ve survived them just fine and despite all of it I still maintain a ridiculously high score. the score really means nothing to me it’s the actions or behaviors there would have concerns me if this is a trend that other people are seeing it perhaps maybe we should look at this together okay obviously you haven’t seen it so move along please give somebody else a chance to talk about it thank you for playing.

thanks appreciate the info consider yourself lucky actually I hope it’s not a trend I mean it’s just kind of odd to see this number of these two behaviors more than once in the last two weeks… I know the Trump haters like to play games we’ve all seen that… But the touchy-feely stuff that’s something completely new and I’m not quite sure what to make of that…the twice in 2 weeks with the number of rides I give every day it is to me that’s a bit of a concern but anyway thanks.

you are very correct food generally doesn’t touch you or throw up in your car… Or show up wearing assless chaps and want to sit on your leather seat without any regard for other passengers…or make sexual advances to you I’ve been sexually advanced I can’t tell you how many times by everyone male-female other or attempting to be in between it just boggles the mind…and you know in each case you make the best of it and you laugh it off and hopefully everybody goes home no worse for wear but you know when they crossed the line and it starts to be physical okay or they deliberately targets you because of your viewpoints regardless of the fact that you haven’t broadcasters viewpoints to anyone but they seem to be baiting you into exposing yourself as having those viewpoints because perhaps you were white and male… I don’t know I’m just throwing it out there guys I don’t know I honestly do not know but anyway you are a very correct french fries are generally pretty goddamn harmless I will give you that much.

I don’t know man I think I had some french fries rape me a one-star because I wouldn’t give them catsup… … I freaking hate ketchup nobody should put that s*** on anything so I’ll take my one star with pride LOL

Ive never had an experience with a passenger trying to physically touch me, but I have noticed the passengers who try to push politics or religious discussions tend to be heavily intoxicated. I’ve definitely noticed a trend where bad ratings I’ve gotten usually follow an experience where I’ve either had someone heavily intoxicated in my car or I’ve denied wanting to discuss politics and such with the passenger. Even when I am the utmost polite with the passenger and do everything they ask, sometimes passengers are just in a bad mood and are jerks for no adequate reason. Not always, obviously, but sometimes, even if it’s a rare occurance.

you know I often wonder if it’s because I’m male I’m white I drive rather expensive cars it’s very nice and it’s also very clean so you know someone might get the impression that he’s conservative and he probably voted for Trump I don’t know… I have no political stickers in any way shape size are kind in the car… I deliberately listen to stations that have no viewpoint one way or the other. I won’t even engage in the discussion and avoid it at all costs if you try to bait me into it…and yes you were correct the trend for me is lately people seem to be pushing trying to see if you are a trump supporter or not and then if you perhaps lean one way or the other or you just won’t play they score you down that is what I’m saying that is why I’ve heard from other drivers including yourself so it is a trend and it’s one that’s completely unacceptable. The cure to that is if you engage in political discussion very simply and the ride say I’m sorry I don’t engage in political discussion get out of my car and cancel the ride. That way they can’t score you down they clearly were acting inappropriately and you have every right to do what you’ve just done that also sends a message don’t do it as a passenger.