Anyone else have issues with cops pulling Uber drivers over?

I got pulled over tonight for making a left turn on a street I was not suppose to. Nervous as can be the cop shines his light in the back of my car and front seat. He asks for my drivers license and insurance. He asked me if I knew why he was pulling over. Frantically I said, I’m sorry. I’m just trying to give people a safe ride home. He took my license and saw that I had my Uber app up. He said I will try to hurry. Within two minutes he was back to my car as I got a ping for another pickup. He said thank you for being responsible and providing safe rides home. He encouraged me to take the ping. No ticket or anything! And it’s my birthday. I wonder if that’s the trick?!?!
Anyone else have issues with cops pulling Uber drivers over? This is my second time in 2 weeks!! So frustrating!

It happened to me once and before he could ask if I knew why i said “sorry the Uber navigation kept saying turn left” even though it was a no left turn street and I realized after I made the turn. He laughed at let me go.

I should try that next time! Hopefully there will not be a next time. They are nice enough not to write tickets, but lately they find something wrong with everything. We have a huge bar drinking scene and now you are not allowed to pick people
Up in front of bars. You have to go to a designated corner. It makes for a lot of phone calls when your pax is waiting on you.

You’re on the road more and they are looking for DUIs so you’re more likely to be pulled over randomly for something super small. I’ve been pulled over, no pax though. Said my plates came back as non-existent… Then ran my Vin and then realized his system was down so that’s why it didn’t register. I was freaking out thinking I was gonna get towed!

You lucky if it was me already ticket, I’m still paying for 2 of them!!

a lot of time you get lucky and get one of the good ones, not that that is the only way they can be good ones…they’re only doing their jobs…but sometimes they do give you a break, just say thanks and move on and try not to make another mistake.

Lucky you.

One time I was doing 45 on 35mph street and got pulled over. I thought $300+ ticket was going my way. It was 2 cruisers and 3 police approached my car on both sides. They asked “you know how fast you were going?” And then turned to each other “Just an Uber driver”. And they let me go.

I bet they were following reports to hunt down another car with similar description. And apparently seeing me with a passenger behind cleared me up. Didn’t even check my driver license nor maybe a breathalyzer test or something.

Cops are normal people just like you and I. As a buddy of mine that is a state cop told me from his highway patrol days. His unspoken motto was “if you’re a jerk then I’ll be a jerk. If you’re cool then I’ll be cool. It’s your decision.” They want people to trust them and work with them not the opposite.
If you get pulled over it’s not rocket science. All 4 windows down if any tint, interior light on right away, hands on the steering wheel when they come up to the car, yes sir. Approaching the car is the most dangerous part of the job. No need to make it any more stressful for either party.

My husband was not a good young man, and that is what he has said for years and sometimes they even let him stop and get food on the way to the station. You get the treatment for your behavior and for those not reading my last name he is Latino. I was pulled over for 80 in a 65, when I explained what was up he told me to keep it down to the next increase and even told me about where the next speed check was (my mother had been air lifted in another state and I was headed there)

There are places in this city that the “normal people “ won’t patrol because the risk is to high for them. Our murder rate has risen 60%. I probably would go after soft targets too.

I have not been stopped in 20 years . Happy Birthday Joleen .Don’t make a left turn if it says not to. Lol .It’s not worth it.

Yea …l got pull over and the idiot give a tiket for not uber sticker at the window in the car. …l say really you going to give me a ticket for that. …he say. …yep…and l see the ligth of the idiot car …going away. …

I got pulled over while on a ride a couple of months ago and had no idea why. The cop was super cool about it once he realized I was an Uber driver and had riders. My tag frame covered up my county name and sticker. He asked me to get out of the car so he could show me the issue and then explained that the area i was driving through has been having a lot of drug traffic lately so they’re pulling people over for anything they see to try to catch the people with the drugs. My riders were cool and the cop was, too. I stopped driving through that area too. Lol.

I drive 700+ miles a week in my city. The odds of being pulled over are increased a great deal. I have been pulled over and ticketed 3 times while carrying passengers. All 3 where speeding violations.

I hope those weren’t all in the same year. I think 3 moving violations gets you kicked off when they do the annual background check.

I got pulled over 1 time when picking people up at a bar. He claimed I rolled through a stop sign in an empty parking lot exiting the strip mall where the bar was. They can literally use any reason to pull you over but they are looking for drunks. No ticket and the cop was super nice.

I got pulled over on the way to pick up a PAX by a state trooper. He was cool and let my go pick him up.

Yes I have been pulled over twice no ticket no warning let me go cops are seeing me leave bar trying to catch me riding dirty but then they see o I’m uber one cop even bought me a coffee at quick said thank you for making his job easier

The police call these “PC stops” (PC - probable cause) and especially occur at night when they’re catching DUIs. I drive mostly bar hours so have been pulled over a few times for negligible infractions, most recently at 2am for having my high beams on (dark intersection). So far always a friendly warning and expressed appreciation for my service to public safety. That said, don’t push your luck. Clear infractions like illegal turns and speeding, etc. will get you ticketed and maybe even pulled out of the car late @ night. We need to relax and obey traffic laws when en route to/driving pax.

Cops look for any little infraction to pull you over because they’re looking for drunk drivers, or other illegal activity. I sometimes think that the U/L stickers/app provide us with a little leeway sometimes on the milder infractions such as yours.