Anyone calculate cost per mile driven for specific cars?

A 2010 Honda Accord 4 door LX cloth interior 4 cylinder. 15K a year 33 cents a mile. now that is without an added ride share costs. My rideshare miles are harder on my vehicle than personal driving. Now everyone says I pay my insurance anyway but your insurance company will charge you more for the added mileage.

I calculated everything for my '08 Hyundai Elantra to 20 cents per mile. We do our own oil changes, tune-ups, brakes, and other routine maintenance. I bought my car last year for a really good price, that helps too. And gas has been low since I’ve been driving - if gas goes up, my costs will increase.

I calculate break even at 16.9¢ per mile. That includes depreciation avg. of $524 per 10k miles (based on KBB car values), fuel ($2.00 per gal at 28 mpg. Fuel is currently $1.91), tires (est. every 60k), brakes (est. every 40k), Oil/Rotation every 5k (plus an extra $50 set aside for misc.). 2014 Nissan Altima.

It all depends on the car and how long a person a person plans to run it. But even the most thrifty of econoboxes are going to run at least 50 cents per mile over the long haul, and probably more.

Yes exactly. I see too many people on here saying you absoluetly HAVE TO factor in things like personal insurance payment, cell phone payment, food, car washes, oil changes, rent payment, etc etc.

These are all fixed costs that any modern day human being is going to have in this country regardless of what type of work you do. No need to deduct that from the amount you make for Uber/Lyft because you’d be paying for all that stuff even if you weren’t a driver.

Re operating costs for a Prius, here’s my story. I bought an '04 when they first came out in October 03. I drove it a bit over 2 1/2 years, put on 73k miles, and sold it back to the original dealer for cash.

Nope, I don’t drive for Uber, just follow these boards out of general interest, having driven professionally for fifty-plus years. But now I get what you meant!

7500 miles per year??? I envy you. When the new car arrives, my son gets the Fit. But on days when I have lots of driving to do, I’m going back to the Fit instead of piling up miles on the new carriage.

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If the celebrity in question were a songstress I would tip you, but this is Uber and you’ve never seen the movie “Coming to America”.

Previous to uber I delivered pizza. $70 leatherette seat covers and a,waterproof $12 dog seat cover that just goes in the back and I hardly ever washed my car. The interior only had me and pizza and occasionally dogs. The cover kept the seats clean from the dogs and the pizza bags. My interior looked brand new as long as I had the cars.

I actually added a couple cents a mile into my costs now as I now do run through the quick car wash every 2 weeks or so ($5 plus tip) and get the full cleaning ($17 plus tip) every 2 months or so. I did invest in a small wet/dry vac which I use inbetween trips if necessary, but mostly every day before ubering if I decide to that day.

Fuzz, it sounds like you and the malnourished coyote need to start offering seminars to Uber drivers and prospective Uber drivers teaching them how to accurately calculate true vehicles costs and hourly wage. Seriously, man, many would benefit greatly.