Anyone allow PAX to play their music into your system?

I have XM radio and have asked people what type of music they like. Most just say that they don’t care or they like just about anything. So, I usually keep it on the today’s pop station. If it’s a short ride I don’t ask. I did have one that wanted to listen to classical. She was appreciative that I could accommodate her.

I tossed my aux cord in the trunk a long time ago. the paxs will crank up the music as loud as it will go if you let them. They don’t care if they blow your speakers.

I don’t have an aux port on my stereo, but I bought a cheap FM transmitter that serves the same function. If they ask, and many of them do, I just hand them the dongle. I turn the radio to a volume level that I know will not be excessive and tell them that they have the volume control on their phone. It gives them a sense of control, but You have the ultimate volume control.

My Bluetooth is connected to my Aux but allows for two devices to be paired at the same time. What I do is set up guided access on my iPad to Spotify. Guided access doesn’t allow the user to switch out of the application without passcode or fingerprint (don’t know if android has such a feature). So they can’t play or snoop around my iPad.

When the pax gets in and settled, I hand them my iPad and ask if they would like to choose the music. Ever since I started doing that, I get rated more and haven’t seen anything less than 5* in months.

Two people in over 2000 trips have requested an aux cord. The first time I handed them the cord and we drove two blocks, literally two blocks, and we were at their destination. Second time I was asked I said the previous pax who requested it stole the cable.

I’ve had one passenger just grab the aux cord (I use it to listen to my iPod when not driving somebody) without asking and another who asked to use it, then asked me 3 times to turn the volume up. I’m an Uber driver, not your damn party bus.

I usually ask if there’s a certain radio station they want to hear and 99% of the time, they don’t really care. One of the biggest things I’ve learned doing this is that people feel so entitled in your car. I rode Uber/Lyft a long time before becoming a driver, and always did so with the mindset that I’m a guest in someone else’s car.

It’s a bit tiring how Uber wants us to cater to an already enabled society. How about being thankful for a ride in a clean, modern, non-damaged car, with a courteous driver. We are not their chauffeur, it’s a ride sharing service.

I wonder if a single millennial even knows what that is! How awesome would it be to see the 8 track make a comeback like vinyls are doing now.

I generally enjoy rocking out with the riders! I never allow Bluetooth access but I regularly let them plug their iPhones directly to my system. I always control the volume but I am not afraid to really crank it. The pax who want it loud love it when they feel the blast of the stereo.

I say you should try it to see if you like it. Be sure to set your gain conservatively though just in case someone turns it all the way, or install a remote gain control accessible only by the driver.

None and no. Passengers in a taxi are trying to get somewhere. Their headphones will suffice. If they’re going to suffer separation anxiety over music, perhaps they should reconsider the usefulness of living under a rock.

Listen to what you want, its your car and you are the captain of the ship. When I was driving Yellow Cab, everyone got a chance to hear the cab dispatcher reading orders and providing other information on the radio, whether they liked it or not.

I find that most people that want to play there own music on Friday and Saturday nights. I guess to get pump up for the club/bar. All music is ok with me, just have a good beat.

I have 1200+ rides and was asked number of time to allow using AUX cord. I let it be few times at the beginning but having almost full volume with sh*t music and 4 male students screaming was over my head. Since then its completely quiet in my car.

I have SiriusXM and i usually run Classic Rewind and its quite encouraging how many of the mellenial kids dig the old school rock stuff more than the crap they pass off as music these days. If someone asks ill switch to Shade45 or a country station or whatever they ask. I have enough variety on satellite that using the AUX cable just isnt necessary