Anybody got suggestions

I cannot understand for the life of me why y’all got 40 hours on the clock and still under 900. 40 hour work week no matter what time of the day morning noon or night you should clear 800-1k. If you are not please Veterans explain what they are doing wrong . I’m honestly tryna help y’all cuz what aggravate me is when I hear drivers ignoring pings in the lot at an event when you can turn your damn app off ! Make the 40 hours worth your damn time . Stop sitting online killing the surge and ain’t even making no damn money !!! Ugh Vets anybody got suggestions ??

If they want it, they will get it. Enough said. If you have a legit question ask, we are here to help! But don’t be coming here asking for money when we all busy our ass to do the grind and make a dime :raised_hands:t2:

its several reasons. They sit in the Airport lot for hours and drive at the wrong times and skipping over pool trips. They dont pay attention to tips that us vets give them…

You right except about pool. I can not say it enough. If more drivers turned the app of after the first pool request. More demand would be created this more rides& greater potential to surge. Everybody makes more $$$$

Oh you mean click the “log of after dropoff”, I always do that. And thanks. Also is it just me that noticed that a high number of intown and Southside riders always ride pool?

Thanks for that tip! I’ve never thought about turning off new requests with pool rides. I’ll definitely do this tonight for sure. I drive for both. Lately I’ve been declining all pool rides but have still been making decent. It’s pretty awkward when you have to pick up a second set of passengers and I try to avoid that.

I’m new and sooooo confused by some of these people not making money … like is it that hard ??? Or they just a little slow :joy: the app literally tell you where to go, look up events that’s in town and go to those areas :woman_facepalming:t5: don’t sit in one area for too long

I am one of those drivers. I am at almost 800 and I have 42 hrs. I only drive Lyft. Am I doin something wrong because I feel like I’m in a great place. and to be honest I worked a salary job making 45k and my check wouldn’t match what I make with the lyft platform. Granted I had insurance and such but I really feel like I’m in a good place.

So with that being said I work 4a-to maybe 11am and sometimes come out at night. I barely do weekends like rarely. so if there is some secret sauce- let me know how I can increase my income!

Also no I won’t do Uber for some odd reason they won’t accept me. I have tried three times .

I’m you . I quit my old job because i made more on one platform fuck the insurance for now lol … you actually working the best times. Are you on the highway or riding streets . I don’t touch a highway unless I got a pax and they want me to … highway is dead time like the airport

I’ve had pax get upset we are not on the interstate and check Waze. They look to see I don’t have highways turned off. If the traffic is very bad I might ask their permission to avoid the interstates. But often the HOV lane is moving even if the rest isn’t.

I only do lyft. I am hesitant to drive at night because of the horror stories y’all have on here. I have been driving in the am before going to my ft job and a few days after my ft job. I usually don’t do Sundays.

I feel like as a 1 platform, or driver I make about 300 to 350 a week and know if I drive more I could make more. So far, I’ve accepted every ping I get with the app on.

Thank you for the insight ladies. When I put in 24 hrs a week i earn 350-400. I learned DO NOT DO AIRPORT. I ride around looking for pings and take every ride! Not sure why im not earning more. I also work full time job that Is a worthwhile solution to my income needs.

I’m not even going to waste my breath. I’m on disability and can’t make over $1170 a month. I have to limit my time to 5 hours 3 or 4 days a week at the most to stay in that bracket. They won’t listen and too lazy.

you can literally bullshit mon-wed
U get out there early im talkin 2am and run it til 7 (Thursday-Monday morning)you’ll make a decent amount
I ain’t from here so I’m still learning but it’s workin out so far and I ain’t no quitter so happy hunting people and best wishes

And what the hell yall care about somebody gettin some head in yo backseat
Ay as long as they don’t get it anywhere in the car who cares
You gettin paid ain’t u?
Y’all gotta stop bein so bougie​:sweat_smile::crazy_face::dizzy_face:

I’ve been doing this almost 2 months. If I work 25+ hours, I can easily make $700+ a week. I didn’t join this group until after. I turned my apps on and drove. I’ve learned where the better areas for ME to start and I always stay where the ride takes me unless it’s in the boonies. If there’s restaurants, bars, clubs, events, whatever, keep your apps on and you’ll get a request. Set a weekly goal and stick to it. It’s not hard and doesn’t require rocket science. If you can’t find a good spot or aren’t getting rides, you’re being lazy. Get out there and make that money.

I’ve worked about 16 hours this week and mad a cool $375. I’m lost when ppl say it’s slow or where to get rides. If it’s weekend there’s usually a game, the battery is always poppin, Edgewood, Peters Street, Buckead Bars, midtown, slide past ya clubs, people on the south side or Bankhead usually are mofos that either gotta go to work or just tryin to get to they dude/girl crib. It’s the A man. It’s something going on you just gotta pull up. Driving isn’t a chore to me though. I’m just cruising thinking about the future most of the times planning and plotting. You can get money just gotta put in the work.

I have been driving around 4 months, only drive Lyft (pools, regular and Lux) and don’t normally clear over $100 in 6 hours. I don’t get Primetime on Lyft, just the stupid heat map. I just think this is something that you get better at as time goes on. There are many conflicting tips out there as well. Rideshare is definitely trial and error. If you aren’t in the “in-crowd cliques” then it’s likely you’ll miss out on pertinent real time tips and info. My point is you can read the tips, try the tips, try and figure out strategies all you want but only time will benefit you in this game. I will gladly admit that I have spent over 40 hours driving in a week and only made $700. So veterans, chime in and tell me what I’m doing wrong, other than the same sitting at the airport speech and driving the wrong time of day (I’m a night driver). I would gladly accept your help so I’m maximizing my time.