Any thoughts on a petition to update rules of all ride share companies?

I know I’ll get slammed for this post but the Grant Nelson story has been heart breaking. It could happen to anyone. I feel like we should come together and figure out a safer way for all of us to take rides and get home to or families Since i stated driving this had been my main concern.

Any thoughts on a petition to update rules of all ride share companies? I think ALL should be required to request license, social and a current picture before taking a trip. All companies should pay for background. If anything for theft and murder come up then they can’t ride. Idk just thinking outside the box on how to prevent dangerous people in the car and minors.

It’s pretty simple really. Don’t pick up minors…If they look like they may be a minor, keep your doors locked, politely explain uber policy and ask for ID. If they are unwilling to provide it or they are too young simply cancel, contact Uber and collect your fee…Its worked for me many times over the past 3 years I’ve driven for Uber

So only minors kill people? Ok, I’ll try to remember that.

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Are you kidding? That’s the solution to safety and the minor issue we all have encountered? Its not as simple as you put. And not all minors look like minors. I’ve picked a few up not knowing until we get down the road and they start talking about prom or high school crap then what? They are already in the vehicle and I’m responsible for their safety to get them to point a to point b. And i even send a text to all my pax before i pick them up and it still does not work 100% of the time.

I’m harris i and I’ll be your UBER driver today. I’m on my way I’ll be driving a black chevy equinox with an UBER sticker in the window! Feel free to sit in the front or back.

Please text any instructions that may be needed for pickup. Gate codes, parking guidelines etc . This trip is has a 4 passenger limit and you must be 18+ to ride with Uber or be accompanied by someone who is. Please a be ready at pickup spot by the eta given by uber.

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uber refused to pay cancellation fee. Drove up to an 8 year old girl who’s mother ordered Uberpool to drive her to school. Was told the cancellation fee wasn’t due because it was a pool.

Thank you for reaching out. We at Uber take your safety very seriously. However, at this time we have no plans to update our rules or require verification. We have millions of drivers worldwide and if one gets hacked to pieces by an underage psychopath there are three more to take his place.

Just a reminder also that partners are not permitted to carry firearms on the Uber Platform

Since we don’t care about reading any further responses from you, we will consider this matter closed.

They need to be pushed to do background checks on all riders. And pushed to allow drivers to carry weapons. Lol I do, do it anyway, I’m talking so if if it ever gets reported cause you have to use it, you won’t get kicked off as I’ve heard has happened

No one is going to slam you, but if you look at the list that comes out every year, cab drivers usually top the list. That girl could’ve walked into someone’s home instead. Background checks on passengers is unrealistic and from what we’ve seen with drivers, not always effective. This type of work isn’t for everyone, but the best you can do is be vigilant, keep your eyes open, be prepared, and be smart about who you pick up. I hate reading these news stories. If you look at the amount of rides given in a day all over the world, statistically it’s not that bad. Sorry for the family and friends though. It’s very tragic!

Picking up strangers at night is very dangerous- for all of us. I guess we could put up a cage like they do in polices cars. lol. No easy solutions or you could just build a client list, avoid cities, drive different hours…

if the girl had killed a postal worker, do you think the mailmen would be asking for a background check on all residents? This could have happened to anyone. I get it. we’re uber drivers, so we think we’re special. But millions of people interact with the public every day and they are in as much danger as we are

Exactly my thoughts…the world will never be 100% safe…the occasional cabby has been attacked…even an insurance agent in his own office…i mean, I worry everyday I walk out the door…crazy people are everywhere

Look, this was a terrible tragedy, no doubt about it. Until the make cars that put the driver behind the riders, we are all vulnerable! I don’t live life worrying about that stuff. Just my opinion and we know about opinions! Lol

Not at all, I believe in freedoms for all, like I don’t want to have to worry about where I’m going to pee, it’s legal or not, it’s called equality

No rule is going to protect you from a crazy person or from death when it’s your time to go … it’s your time go … just live happy and don’t sweat the small stuff … can’t live your life in fear

Carry a gun and if any idiot attacks you make them regret it. If you uber deactivates your for killing a monster they tried to put in your car fuck them or take a trip to Silicon Valley and really fuck them

I’m sorry. I don’t know the story. Can someone please tell me? I uber drive too much and never have time to watch tv.

I think that Uber and lyfy should allow one adult person to ride along get clearance for them so that the passenger news that they are okay for those that would feel more comfortable having a spouse or someone ride along with them

Man. The comments have sunk this post, sorry Brandi that people have to try and push their political agenda on to everything.
I agree with you. There should be some way to make the people we pick up held accountable for who they are. I would love to see a photo required for each rider, at least that would help when picking them up. A basic background check would be nice but I can’t see how that would be logistically possible, I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up first timers.
My wife and daughter both Uber and I worry about their safety all the time.
Some things for all of us to remember:

  1. Never pick someone up in a dark area. Ask them to be in a lighted area.
  2. Try not to have someone sit directly behind you.
  3. Get a recording device and inform your riders that you record all rides for EVERYONES safety.
  4. Get some low level lights (mood lighting) installed inside of your car, this will help you see your passengers better while they are in the back.
  5. Stay alert! Constantly be looking in your rear view mirror. Try to engage your riders into a conversation.
  6. Have your phone close by so you can call 911. If you have an iPhone and it’s plugged (or a iphone 7 and newer doesn’t have to be plugged in) in, all you have to say is,“Hey Siri, call 911” (I’m not sure if
    Android or other phones have that feature).
  7. NEVER allow anyone in your car if you feel even the slightest in danger.