Any suggestions for air fresheners?

I have a new-ish car but any suggestions for air fresheners? I had a guy whose cologne ruined my new car smell a few months in and had to stop driving for the night because anyone after him would have smelled like they were also going to the club. I need something to counter nights like that. Thanks! x

Sorry to hear about the cologne pax! I got a great air freshener at Wal Mart. In their automobile aisle…it was a small can…like cat food size…forgetthe name but it works great and got lots of compliments.

Febreze vent clips. My pax always comment on how great my car smells

Febreeze with Tide. Every pax I get says something about how good it smells.

complete neutralizer without the perfume or flowery smell from febreeze & other products… no experience with ozium though… no matter how bad an odor from a pax gets, the next one comments how great my car smells… & it’s less than $2.

the blue one shown though… not the pink or purple… they are too flowery :slight_smile:

after so many rides your car will smell like Cologne/perfume/ass all into one no matter what. my wife calls it the taxi smell.

Black ice trees are my favorite… I get compliments on how good my car smells. Buy them now! lol I love em. U won’t regret it :wink:

They make ozone machines that you stick the hose into a rolled down window and let it run overnight. You have yo be careful though, use it too much and the plastic parts in your car will get brittle. But it is what used car dealers use to prep smoker’s cars for resale.

Downey balls for your washer and dryer. I put them in I spray bottle with water shake it up and I always get awesome compliments about my wall my car smells you’ll have to pick which fragrance works best for you

if you have fabric seats, carry fabreeze and roll your windows down after every pax to give it a good airing. especially for those pesky pot heads.

I use Febreeze airvent clips, usually the one that kills smoke smell as I get a few college students that smell of the disgusting smoking odor, seems to work well and get many compliments from customers.

maybe you would like thiscar vent clip freshener,smell better than febreze