Any rate PAX for badmouthing?

If they promote hate, if they swear continuously, if they use racist terms, down their score goes. I don’t mind swearing, but it should be for emphasis, not a constant stream for shock value. I am not a taxi. Taxis get paid twice as much for the same distance. So I don’t need to act like a taxi.

You are right that since we get paid so much less, we don’t have to take verbal crap as if we were a taxi. And taxis not only get paid more, they don’t have to deal with irrational rating systems !

How people use the rating system blows me away. It’s not there to pass personal judgement on people. IE: One driver may be be offended by vulgar conversation while another driver enjoys it and yet another doesn’t see it as any of his business.

Ratings are also all about the passenger’s respect for the driver. I’ve picked up too many groups of young men where one of them just HAS to make sure I know they spent the night at a strip club, not to know that this kind of talk is about deliberately objectivising a driver and pushing their buttons.

Really, this is the UBER crap that is being peddled that the driver is not part of the equation any longer. We know UBER wants to do away with drivers altogether and putting up with Vile conversation topics is another part of that agenda.

If dipshits like that show such little consideration with whom they are with, its clear they haven’t been taught basic manners. I’ll be happy to be the first to oblige them with a lesson in common decency.

Not going to argue with somebody that is challenged with reading and comprehension skills. I also don’t like wasting my time with internet pissing matches. Have fun with that.

I am a she. And those kids are the same age as my own son. If my son ever spoke like that in front of a female I would be extremely disappointed. Not that he would. He would get his face slapped. Hard

I think you’re getting the point. Yes, the ratings system is precisely for judging pax. It allows drivers to assess them based on their actions, and have the judgment recorded as part of each pax’ average.

It’s not passing judgement. It’s as simple as this: I’m an independent contractor driving my own vehicle, and get paid 1/2 as much as a cab. With that said, I can rate them based on whatever I choose to. In fact, if I’m in a shitty mood and feel like giving them a 1 star rating, I just might.

All my customers get 5 star rating, unless otherwise warranted, and they need to be real dushebags to get a low rating from me. I hear some crazy stuff in my car, but never rate a customer on what they are discussing , people who do that should not be in the FHV business.

Tonight I had a fare that was asking me about my job and asked me if I had any dangerous or undesireable rides. So, I explained to him that I work mostly during the day so I don’t have to put up with stuff like that, thugs or incoherent drunks puking in my car or passing out before we get to the destination.

I makes you look good. …don’t you know that the rating system is just for compatibility purposes!! The more high rating you give the more fares u get. someone that rated somebody low will get overlooked for someone that rated someone high

Morality is not legislated in the West. Our law covers tangible actions. Murder, theft, fraud, impersonating a police officer etc. Or the failure to carry out a required action I.e. negligence. Our law covers actions committed or not committed.

Not only that, for every 100 5* ratings you give your pax, Uber will actually decrease its commission by 5 percentage points. If you give out 400 5*, you will keep 100% of the gross! (Not including safe rider fee)

Then there’s that. On more than one occasion, I’ve had a ratings dip after driving a PAX who brought up the topic. You know those posters who tell you to put a smile on your face and just don’t go beyond ‘Uber’s fantastic!!!’? They’re right.