Any of you guys let your pax eat in your car?

I picked up this b*tch at del taco… she reaches in her bag and tries to tear up her sauce, I then politely asked her if she could wait until I dropped her off which the ride was less than 10 mins…she then gave me an attitude and the ride was quiet… and my rides are never quiet lol so I drop her off and tell her have a good day, she doesn’t say anything and slams my door. :woman_facepalming:t2: why do people think it’s ok to eat in someone else’s car without permission?

I low key hate when people eat and chew loud so that’s a negative… I would flip a lid. That’s my only pet-peeve…

I’m good when pax bring takeout in a closed bag but when it comes to fast food, I usually tell them no eating or drinking during the ride or it will be an automatic cleanup fee :face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:

I picked up a girl at del taco on Tropicana one day she was having lunch with her husband but she had nothing but attitude asked for gum, candy, water asker if she could smoke in my car then she started eating her tacos in my car I was like hell no. She then told me how every other driver has those item and lets her smoke and eat in my car!

One shit rating every now and then won’t get you deactivated.

If you go this route though, I suggest you have a dashcam because you know damn well that pax is going to make up some utter bullshit to try and get you fired.

Nope, I had a woman yesterday pull out her sandwich and was going to eat it, I told her she couldn’t eat in my car, sorry! She then asked with an attitude of she can drink her water! Seriously! I don’t mind if they drink their water but eating no way.

I banned eating in my car after a pax at the Trop/15 In N Out just hopped out at the end of the ride and left the bag, wrapper, drink cup, and napkins in a big mess all over my backseat. I had a stacked ride at mgm grand so I barely had time to toss it. The 2nd pax was shocked the first guy was such a pig

This I will NEVER understand.
No matter where you drop someone off, there’s ALWAYS a trash can. ALWAYS!!!

Because most people were raised without any decent parenting. … it’s just a sad fact. And those who were raised with horrible parenting are the ones creating the majority of this country’s children…

Sad isn’t it? I’m sure some of those offspring had the good sense and learned from their shitty parents what NOT to do and how to act. My parents were incredibly dysfunctional but I turned out ok

I had a pax eat a banana in my car and I didn’t know it until that evening when we went out to dinner and he left the peel in my car! I was not a happy camper!!

Btw always check those pockets on the back of your front seats, ive found wrappers in shit in there. Apparently those are trash cans for Paxholes.

I can’t help thinking that if Lyft and Uber had higher rates we and our vehicles would be treated with more respect. Increase the standard rate to $2 and then have and older car platform with a cheaper rate for pool rides.

Honestly I think it all goes by vehicle and driver… both are a combo. Uber and lyft have not much responsibility when it comes to respect. Once the pax are your vehicle the pax know if they can walk all over you or not…

I let them know when they enter there is a cleaning fee.

Had 2 “outstanding young citizens” try and leave a little ceasars pizza box in my car I told them if they have me throw it out it costs $25 via their account, would you like to take it with you?