Any issues with pets?

I have no issues with pets “Dogs”, more issues with the Pax, I have had pit bulls in my car with no issues, most people have small lap dogs, my last pax with a dog had a French bulldog terrier, the small bat ear dog, his name was max and he had a snoring problem, poor little fella, they dragged him out in the wee hours to fly out of town for Christmas.

Excellent idea. And you should be charging for the pet rides to compensate you for your time to vacuum and to recover the cost of the vac. Business expenses should always be recovered somewhere.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love animals, too, and I always play with the animal if the owner and animal are receptive to that. But I also charge for the service. There’s no good reason not to and pet owners understand that that’s just part of responsible pet ownership.

Indeed! But ultimately, Uber has nothing to say about it. We’re IC’s, after all. If Uber wants to buy my car and I continue to drive it, then they can impose whatever policy they like.

Your right about we are IC’s, but they can simply deactivate a driver from servicing them for even a asking tip or to pay cash from a ride, if a rider reports it. It’s been done and drivers have posted here on this forum how they got deactivated. Just like you don’t have to accept something you don’t like to do in your business, they don’t have to accept service from you in their business. So they maybe not have a say on your rules of service, all they need to do is not have your service work for them.

I really hope they are okay with your cleaning fee, that way we all can start charging cash extra for anything we don’t like. I don’t see Uber buying anyone’s car, what I can see happen to a driver is the deactivation button being used. Good luck with that, and let us all know when and if okay to start charging. (Please post the your email reply from Uber when and if you get it) I’ll start make my list of extra charges I would like impose on their clients.

I haven’t had to personally resort to any type of fee for accepting riders with pets (not service animals). I guess riders in my area don’t feel it’s necessary to travel with their pets anywhere. I did take 2 riders to the airport with their cat in a carrier, they were going home from School and had to take their pet with them.

Have you had any success in recovering or getting a rider to pay the $10 fee yet or is it just new and you haven’t come across a rider with a pet yet?

I had people smell just as bad if not worst them a pet. I wonder if I can charge for stinky butt smells left on my new leather seats. Doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen. Pee…uuu…

I shouldn’t have to explain this, but the last option in the poll was purely for humor’s sake.

I have successfully charged the $10 fee twice this holiday season with no problems and with ratings of 5 coming to me both times. Responsible pet owners get it. It’s not a problem. And I have transported four or five animals in cages to airport and to vet visits. When I explain my policy about charging for uncaged animals, those people think the policy makes perfect sense, too. See, a person will rarely encounter trouble for being reasonable and being able to clearly articulate one’s reasons. Bottom line here is, no one wants another person’s pet fur on their clothes or have to smell the previous pax’s pet. It truly is that simple and responsible pet owners get it. I impose strict pet rules at my rental properties, too. Again, be reasonable and be prepared to articulate.

Well, all I can say is, I have my policy on pets and I have freely shared it. I’ll look to you for development for the stinky butt policy. Deal?
Or, maybe instead of offering water, gum, mints, and candy you could offer a roll of Quilted Northern. Just an idea I’m tossin’ out there.

don’t offer anything to riders, no water, candies, mints or even ass wipes! Maybe I can call them before hand and ask; did you wash your ass? or do you have a smelly uncaged pet because I have a stench cleaning charge of $10 on top of your regular Uber fare. Btw I like Quilted Norther, it’s my favorite.

I’m a telephone book page man myself. But with more ad more phone book companies going digital, have you ever tried to wipe with a 23" LCD monitor? It’s quite tricky, I gotta say.

Seems a little strict. The riders I’ve had with pets had them on their lap the whole time. How does that mess up the car? Can’t imagine telling someone I’m going to charge them $10 for that.

Once i had a rider with a small dog promise me his dog was going to stay on his lap the entire time, well, he didn’t, as a matter of fact the pet was rolling and walking all over my seats and floor, despite what the rider said and my nasty looks, i didn’t want to kick his @@@@@@bag face out in order to “minimize” the damage since the damage was already done. It left a sh*tload of hair on my seats and even with a vacuum i didn’t manage to get rid of it all, as it was some pretty persistent hair. Needless to say i got bad ratings that night because of that small, harmless “lap” dog. It took a 40$ complete car wash to get rid of it and to this day if i look hard enough i’m sure i can still find a couple left overs here and there. That was the first and last time i let a rider’s pet in my ride.

While we are charging for pets, we should start to charge every pax for dragging in dirt and grass on their shoes and those pesky scuff marks on the seat back and doors, we can double the charge to $20 on rainy, muddy days. We’ll let just hope it’s only mud and not doggie dip.