Any ideas on cleaning

I had a family come into my car. One kid peed and the parent didn’t tell me. Now my car has a horrendis urine smell. I v had the car detailed I used Lysol, fabreeze, and now trying some pet oder spray. Spent a small fortune so far. I have leather seats.

if its leather seats, I would recommend turtle wax spray, they have some made for leather seats and gives them a really nice scent and cleans very good

I may have to have it professionaly done. I’m trying pet oder cleaner for tonight see what happens. It’s supposed to break up enzymes caused by urine. We shall see

You might have to pull the seat out. This happened to me and I couldn’t get the smell out. I had it professionally detailed and after 3 days the odor was back. Took it back to the same detailer and he couldn’t figure it out himself. One of the guys who works with him suggested pulling the seat out of the car and when they did there was a puddle there that you could see was evaporating which caused the odor to intensify. Once they cleaned that and shampooed the seat again just for extra measures the odor was gone.

I had that happen to me, except it was a drunk college girl, I used a pet spray with enzymes in it, made specifically for urine. It worked.

I hope so, it worked for me, and my back seat was saturated, the whole seat, it looked like she drank the whole keg! Lol

After you’ve cleaned the area, neutralized the contaminants, saturated and dried all cloth areas you MUST use a scent bomb that will cycle through the vents and get everywhere including under the seats and everywhere you cannot reach. I recommend Maguiars New Car scent–you can get them at Walmart.

Vinegar worked for me when nothing else would get rid of the smell. White distilled vinegar

Anti-icky-poo…its an enzyme cleaner that will eat the bacteria of the urine. Expensive at 35 bucks a gallon but it works for much more than urine and great to have around.

Sounds like u took too long to clean it out u may need to replace the seat or u could just replace the seat cushion but that all depends on ur seats

Most of the smell in urine is due to ammonia, a highly alkaline substance. Vinegar is acidic and helps to neutralize this scent. Vinegar is less effective at eliminating bad smells from feces and vomit, but can supplement other odor removers.

Sounds strange i know , but try this. Cut a large potato in half. Lay both halves in a tray of REAL Vanilla extract. Let it sit over night

Go get baking soda let it sit for 12 hrs then vaccum. Also get the baking soda dics put them in ur seat pockets

I call them. But in the supermarket they sell them its to stick in refrig but i keep in my car there 2.99