Any female drive at nights?

I start as soon as I drop my girls off at school and I know I need to go offline no later than 12pm in order to get the kids. Even at 11:30am I can get a long run to one of the airports and still make it back in time. Runs over 90 minutes in my area are possible, but not the usual. And those typically cone from two areas. I just don’t drive in those areas when I’m close to my cut off point. After the kids are home, homework done and dinner going, if I haven’t hit my mark I head back out for the afternoon rush, or if there’s something big going on the later evening/night crowd.

I’ve thought about that, and now that I’ve had a few months to get my head straightened out from my last employer I’ve considered just driving. At least until the doctors get a bunch of testing finished and determine if I should actually be working or not.

yeah I think I’ll sign up for Lyft as well before winter. I think it’ll be fine and then there will be a lull in January and February. I live near many college campuses though and am close to NYC, so I’m not worried.

Tons of college campuses here too around Baltimore. I think I’ll be ok unless we get like 4ft of snow again. I couldn’t move in that in my SUV, my poor Prius will get buried.

Because I’m a creepy old man in a van. I can tell you more about assaulting women than your perfessers. Now if I ping you, will you bring me a sandwich?

Im a female driver driving Uber XL mostly evening and weekends, and definitely late nights. Late nights is the best money! Especially if I ge XL + surge. Thursday through Sunday are the best money-making evenings/nights.

Also keep your doors locked and windows down only far enough to be able to verify pax’s name, before you allow them into the car. Remember keeping sketchy people out of your car is the first line of defense.

You could also only accept female ride requests with good ratings. Although sometimes boyfriends/ other guys will use the girl’s account to get the ride… So it’s not fool-proof but may weed-out some potential problems.

I canceled on someone the other morning in Baltimore. Usually Boston street isn’t a bad place to pick up. I get to the address/pin on this one and it’s literally on railroad tracks, no street lights, at 3:30am and no one around. I cancelled and headed out.

I kinda got a taste of this last night when I picked up a tweaker in the city. He was very nice but it was dark, (7:30)and not a good neighborhood. I can barely see the numbers on the house and google maps was terrible for me last night. I definitely will start from my comfort zone(my area) and if I ride takes me into the city I’m heading back.

I’m fairly new too and have not driven after midnight yet . Surge pricing is very tempting , but thank you for the insight ! Lol I’ll have to think about that !

Girrlll… I feel you. I try to avoid heights, hills and land ( i.e. Marlow Heights, Oxon Hill, Temple Hill, Suitland, Kentland etc…), but I find that unfortunately the pax take you EVERYWHERE.

I’ve been with uber for almost a year now. This past year I haven’t had a bad experience with anyone yet. I consider myself lucky and still keep my guard up. The only 1 thing that has been close to a bad experience was one Saturday night picking up a couple in downtown Chicago. The woman spent our whole 25 minute ride trying to convince me to go home with her and touched me here and there. The husband didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. I just laughed it off and they got out peacefully and gave me 5 stars lol.

I drive but never past 11pm, in my experience nothing good happens after that time and I don’t want to take the chance of putting myself in an uncomfortable situation

I drive casually, but almost exclusively on the weekends during bar hours. I’ve never encountered a problem and only had one to two rides that made me nervous (for reasons unrelated to puke). I don’t carry a weapon and I don’t care if they sit up front.

I pick up more women than men. I’m not afraid of being assaulted by a woman. I am assertive and friendly but I make it clear that I will not tolerate any nonsense. I’ve found I prefer male riders and most are very respectful. The biggest issue for me with driving late night is not safety, it is actually puke and other bodily fluids creating a biohazard in my personal space. Happened twice. That was enough for me.

When it comes right down to it, a little more money is not worth your life. Trust your instincts if you feel uncomfortable. I vary between daytime and night driving but go home anytime things don’t feel right.