Any benefits of having cards with personalized link?

So, going back to an earlier thread, driver referral cards. Pax cannot request a specific driver, can anybody please speak to the benefits of having/distributing cards with your personalized link on them? Thanks in advance.

For anyone who doesn’t know what USURV is, go check it out, use my invitation code when you sign up. Its not popular here but where many of you are its becoming popular and its definitely worth signing up for and they are partnered with uber and lyft. My code is simple, its: brittney. Just my 1st name.

You have to fill out the form in order to get one, sorry i should have added that part in there

Sorry, are you asking for UZURV correct? For the marketing materials? I will get the form for you, one second.

There you go. Also, go look up UZURV for drivers page on facebook and add yourself. There are several docs under files that you can go through to become more acquainted with USURV as its something you have to read on to really understand the complete concept. Their 1 yr Anniversary was yesterday so its still a relatively new company and still working out kinks here and there but

We live/drive in a new market and relatively rural area, not a lot of drivers here. My husband made cards ($7 or so) and gives them out. He gets lots of calls and texts from college kids who need rides home or to their cars, when there are no drivers online.

not only is that an awesome idea, it circumvents the usurv fee. Pax just has to remember the name/number of their favorite driver. Too late for to do, I already ordered my cards but he doesn’t mind handing out his number like that?

As awesome as that is, its against the rules, I hope he doesn’t get caught, it sounds like he helps a lot of kids out.

I just joined this group Brittney so sorry I am late to the show… the screenshot you included seems to relate to curbside cash rides. In our market, on both platforms, drivers have been giving out their own cards with their personal numbers since April 2014. I don’t partake of that non sense and I think it is stupid. I also think Ubserv or whatever ripoff nonsensical app that is, is stupid too and is essentially doing the same thing. Both giving out your card and the Uzerve app essentially takes you off the app to go get the pax and is poor customer service if you are not available.

I’m well aware drivers have been doing this for years but i was telling these ladies what I was told from Uber in an email I recieved from them regarding a separate matter then asked them about this. I was told it was this was against policy.

Can you link me on the ‘rules’ I don’t see how this would be not allowed.

tell him to get signed up with USURV, the driver pays a fee as well as the pax but the fee is cheap and the pax offers an incentive to the driver who selects their ride. The rider can also select who they want and then whatever the incentive is, it starts at $3+, then that covers the driver fee and they still use the uber/lyft platform when they get to the pax and you proceed as usual. Then that way you’re not running the risk of being deactivated and you have the opportunity to make a little extra. And whatever pax uses your USURV code, if they ever use it again and you dont drive them, you still get a % of the fee, every time they book through UZURV.

in theory, he goes to where the kid is located, they turn the app on and request when he reaches them. It might be outside of usurv rules for obvious reasons, but it can’t be outside the rules of rideshare services, especially if (1) they’re encouraging drivers to be accessible to pax with their info - one of the cards has a default space for your name and phone number I just didn’t choose that design and (2) especially if there are no other drivers available. Like I said, I see why usurv would hate it, it’s actually a pretty smart way to cut em out of the fee.

I don’t see why it would be an issue if there are no drivers available, why would Uber or lyft care as long as they are still getting their money

We drive in a new market and there’s no assistance here, we have around 50 drivers and none of us have actually spoken to anyone at Uber, so we’re doing our best to learn the ropes. This is why I always ask for links since each region has different rules and such. So far I haven’t seen anything about not having cards.