Any advice to a new driver?

I’m signed up to drive for Uber I’m having mixed feelings because of the stories I hear. Not sure if I want fights but on my floor can anyone give me inside scoop. I hate the job I’m at and I’m willing to quit but not at the expense of my car getting ruined and putting my life in danger

Best advice I can give you is don’t rely on uber as your only source of income. Late nights are the most risky, as that’s when you’ll have to drunks which are also sometimes angry people

I’ve been driving very part time for about two months part time, in a small market, not busy. (I work full-time at the business I own). I’ve had only positive experiences so far and have earned enough to pay my car payment plus some extra, the last two months I do have a dash cam and I would suggest getting one. I would not recommend that you give up your job for driving rideshare. Would suggest you test it out for a while first.

This is meant to be a side gig not a full time job. Use this as a stepping stone to something better.

It can be done full time if you can live on this income, me personally no but will keep for side gig

You only ever hear about the negative. But rule number one treat people how you wish to be treated. If you dont like the situation cancel and get out. But remember most peeps just looking for a ride from point A to point B.
Im not much of a people person but the month i been doing this has been very positive so far.
I just dont like the wear and tear on my ride.

I agree with Dustin it really is not meant to be a full time job.
If you have a job with reliable income and benefits you might want to keep it til you could find something else .

This is going to sound extremely sexist, but I don’t mean it as bad as it sounds.

I drive as my full time job, so that means I do the “drunk shift”. I have had some slightly unruly passengers, but I’m rather intimidating when I need to be. (250lbs and nearly 7 feet tall) so I have been able to use that for my advantage. Would I let my wife do the drunk shift unarmed?? No way in hell. Just keep your head on a swivel and you’ll be alright.

Not sexist at all. I’ve had so many people in my area, men and women, that will tell me they’re surprised to see a woman driver and some telling me to be careful and be safe. This all from my passengers. It helps to be intimidating, especially if doing late night. There’s many stories of bad things happening to uber drivers. That being said, I’ve been driving for six months and no incidents.

I drive the night shift as well, however my rule is that I stop just before the bars get out. I have found it to work out well for me so far. I also get the same response from my pax of shock that I’m a female drive doing the shift I do, always telling time to be safe and careful.

I have been driving Uber for about 7 weeks. I am retired and find it’s an excellent way to make some extra money. I’m glad I don’t need it for my primary income as it’s very unpredictable. My experiences have been good so far. I worked a couple of nights and have decided that I only want to work daylight hours. I find much more stress at might. The houses are hard to find because the numbers are hard to see. People seem to be already hammered (especially young people) when they go out to save money. If I was female, I definitely would not work nights. However, I’m sure that you can make more money at night. Just my opinion. I have a friend who loves to work nights.

I only drive a couple days a week. I don’t drive at night because I don’t tolerate drunks very well unless I’m drunk too. Usually start very early in the morning (5-ish) because there are lots of people going to the airport and very few uber drivers on the roads. Help them with their luggage and the tips flow. There’s a dead zone after rush hour but things tend to pick up after lunch. I’m enjoying it and the positives far outweigh the negatives. Every now and then, I get a difficult pax. That’s very normal in any occupation that involves serving the general public. I like the challenge of turning their attitude around.
It puts pretty decent money in my pocket and I have no complaints with uber. They’ve been very easy to work with. Just remember that when you drive, it’s showtime. One bad day can really hurt the scoreboard. If you’re just not feeling it…don’t drive until you do.
Most important thing of all: Be a safe driver. You’re a professional and your riders will judge you as such. Be smooth. Be patient. Know the rules of the road and follow them. Everything will be fine. You’ll meet interesting people and have some fun making money. Good luck!

I have been driving since February. I’ve had pleasant and respectful passengers. Sometimes I do drive very late but so far all the drunks have been super nice and funny. I respect everyone and most of them respect me except for the ones that are flirty.

Did I miss something? Other than the guy recently murdered (do we know if they even requested an Uber or did they just randomly jack the guy?) what is happening to Uber drivers? Yeah you get an occasional dick/bitch but violence is very rare.

I say stay away from sketchy parts of town and you’ll be fine.

You don’t make 35 $ per hour, that is low, they don’t pay signing bonus, , if your boss tell you to break law, don’t do it

Sounds like -if I try this i’ll try the better part of town and do early morning run’s and go though out the day and see. I know I’d make more money at night but again i have a very nice car and don’t need pot and cigarette smokers put out there butts on my carpet and I don’t really want to clean up vomit. ( however a friend at my job told me if they throw up I get $300.00 to clean it) is that true? Thank you all for your advice and best effort to inform me I really appreciate it.

No one should get in your car smoking. They always rush to finish before. If they do kindly inform them smoking is not allowed in your car. I’ve not had a puker but from what I’ve heard $300 is high.

Also if you can mount a camera like a gopro or a china equivalent inside your car facing back so you have video proof if something were to happen. Uber supports having cameras in the cars. I’ve been driving part time for uber dance mid December and I’ve only had 2 asshole riders

Never heard of a 300 clean up fee. The average here in NC is 85.00 . Drivers abuse that so much in our area . Be sure and take pics so they can charge it back to rider.