Anxious to try driving for Amazon

I actually filled out the required online forms for Amazon Prime and Flex in Sacramento, however, i believe they are just now getting their systems here up and running… Building a wherehouse and such, so i dont know how long it might be before they are actually hiring drivers.

I live in Phx and we have a very robust Amazon presence here. No, I’m not an Amazon rep. That’s a silly notion. I own and operate three business of my own. When you can, ditch U/L and get to Amazon. You’ll thank me for the advice.

Amazon Prime Now is available in 28 cities and Flex is available in 2 cities. So, if I personally decided to start driving for both of them, I would not be driving at all.

That’s so sad because as gig work goes, Amazon’s offering put the U/L option right into the crapper. A lot of Amazon drivers start out with U/L, then do both Amazon and U/L, then leave U/L entirely after a few weeks. Hauling packages is soooo much more rewarding than hauling drunken swine, I gotta say.

Might be nice in Phoenix during the winter, but if I want to haul around packages full time in the summer heat, and Georgia humidity, I might as well become a UPS Driver for $30 an hour and I don’t have to drive my own vehicle around, full medical and paid vacation.

Weird on the amazon boardo on uber people there are plenty of drivers complaining about an inability to get blocks. While I drive flex. I can make more with Uber depending on the time of day. Rush hour surge I can make 30 an hour minimum compared to 18 on amazon.

Not exactly correct. The packages don’t tip because the boxes have no pockets for a wallet or cash. However, when you drive for Amazon PrimeNow tips are built in. So, last Saturday I drove for two hours, make $74 in wages and was paid $28 in tips. Not too shabby for a 120 minutes of labor!

its not possible to make $74 in wages for a 2-hr block doing Prime now, never been done

$74 incl tips for 2 hrs makes more sense, even a little on the high side, but not impossible

i see no reason to jack w ppl’s expectations

flex is a very very hard way to make an easy buck

I got deactivated from Amazon Prime when a package reported me for refusing to take it’s service package. The messed up part about it was, I never even signed up for Amazon Prime and WTF is a service package? I never even heard of this before.

Yeah, I drive for relaxation and rejuvenation. I’m a car guy when I’m not a consultant or landlord. So, when I learned I could make a little extra cash by hauling people and/or freight, I figured why not? If I’m running my car anyway, why not make a little lunch money for the kiddos, right? So, that’s what I do. How 'bout you? Do you own your own business, too? How many do you own? Are you a sole proprietor?

Not true. I was on a four-hour Prime shift. Two hours in I got asked to start delivering for Amazon Flex. I got paid for the full four hours on Prime, then went over to Flex and pulled another five hours. Pretty sweet!

No, I do not have two accounts or two phones. What I have are strong relationships with the personnel at the Prime and Flex fulfillment centers. I originally worked for Flex, then I moved to Prime.

ok, but not everyone has those strong relationships - being in a band of buddies isn’t exactly how most ppl see their work environment, and wont be able to instantly relate to them like that

ppl will feel misled if there are hidden expectations to be able to succeed at the gig, thats all im saying

Like with everything Amazon does, it starts off awesome, then they “Uber” you by cutting the rates and payment calculations until you’re making next to nothing. You can’t trust Amazon.

Oh, come on! Seriously? It’s not that hard to make friends. Just introduce yourself and show interest in the other person’s qualities. That’s all I do. It’s amazing how positively people respond when someone shows even the slightest interest in their endeavours. I don’t have any magic or special connections. I just talk to people. Anyone can do that.