Another uber driver yelled at me for wearing a costume


(Marsha_Smith) #1

“That’s why the customers think we’re their friends!”…it’s just ears and a bow… “customers”?..Why is he so angry?Why the hell did he feel the need to yell at me in a public place? (we were both waiting for orders at a crowded restaurant) anyway rude. Happy Halloween guys :jack_o_lantern::ghost:

(Jeremy Mwan) #2

I’m gonna take nap in a bit and after waking up, I intend to load on the Halloween makeup. I am excited to pick up passengers tonight! :slight_smile:

Happy Halloween! :slight_smile:

(Cody Parker) #3

Some people are just mad that they are alive… smile and move on

(Brahim Decker) #4

Someone posted a status saying their uber driver was dreased like a clown. Guess that was you

(Garrent George) #5

Aw love it! You look adorable! Get that money, girl!

(Christian Odom) #6

Bitter Billy needed a nap…eff him and do you!

(Lisa Markee) #7

Probably a disgruntled ex-taxi driver. Tell them to fuck off.

(Jack Dolen) #8

Tomorrow he’ll be on here saying “how come my riders don’t tip?!?!”

(Mark Moore) #9

Next time tell him to suck his mother. Or just ignore.
Your good Halloween it up

(Kelly Hector) #10

Don’t let those Boo Humbugs bring down your costume cheer. Strut your Halloween stuff!! :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:

(Bector Ernest) #11

He’s just jealous that you came up with a simple, yet cute way to stand out on Halloween…good for you and he’s obviously a clod !

(Melinda Foster) #12

I like the outfit tell the other driver to mind his own dam business what a dick!

(Jonathan Green) #13

Don’t you want them to think they are your friends? More likely to tip!

(Peter Nelson) #14

He is just an arsehole. You’ll meet many in life. Just move on because it’s not worth your time! :grinning:

(Harold Young) #15

I have dressed up all month. Like seriously. I have gotten more tips forniy

(Dennis Scott) #16

You go girl - many businesses do that. That driver would be the reason I went independent/consultant 5 years ago. Got out of the corp crap race.

(Allicia Lopez) #17

I dressed as Michael Myers it was awesome. Can’t do the mask at night just thought it would be fun to do deliveries dressed up

(Jerry Hall) #18

Halloween is supposed to be fun…its a shame that other driver is such an a$$h0le…maybe time for him to hang it up.

(Timothy Clark) #19

He probably was wearing the same costume and noticed it looked better on you.

(Harris Frank) #20

I like the idea! I’m going out tonight and want to hand out candy and dress up too… I live in a college town the kids will get a kick out of it … keep doing what makes you happy girl :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4: