Another close call

Car pulled out from parked position on curb. I swerved to miss. I noticed from the rear view mirror, the car was actually doing a u turn from the curb. No signal or anything that I could tell.

It’s all over within about 1 second. Watch the wide angle on the left.

Most of the problems I catch seem to be outside. But I can turn the cameras inwards if needed on the fly plus it’s always capturing audio.

Generally I would recommend that as the default setup (depending on your state laws).

Limo companies traditionally have mostly regular customers so less of an issue - Uber X - well as an entirely illegal service in almost every place they operate (and that’s all I’m referring to) simply should be shut down. Educate the drivers on how to earn more by getting a licence to drive on black is the way to go… Uber misleads most of them by saying it’s a grey area or they are talking with the relevant authorities - what a load of nonsense… they just want the biggest market so ignore the law and cut corners and save massive $ which equals being the most competitive!

I wasn’t driving Uber last night, but my girlfriend and I were coming home from dinner when a kid on a black bike, dressed in dark clothes and wearing a black hat (but was white) darted across traffic and into my path. Glad I missed him, but that incident alone made a dashcam worth installing. Too bad it didn’t catch him giving me the finger after I later on the horn.

i dont like people recording me or taking pictures of me so wouldn’t do that to my riders. im aware of the reasons why you would want to do that but i like riders to be themselves and comfortable. a camera would negate that. especially since i like to enjoy and joke around with my passengers how i see fit most of the time.

Yep, there are several other similar cases to this as well. I’ve already posted a few videos I’ve taken from mine. I point video outside, but record audio inside. I can rotate the camera pivot in seconds inside if needed. No notice required as my state is one party consent. If not, just put up a sign somewhere. It’s not worth the risk driving without one IMO.

The problem with the world is that people making blatantly false accusations face no consequences. This is why we still have the “race card”, the “rape card”, and the “victim card”

There should be criminal ramifications for making false criminal charges. The penalty of which should be the same as whatever the accused person could have got. If they are convicted of falsely accusing someone of sexual assault, for example, then they themselves should be sentenced based on the penalty for sexual assault. Instead, they are usually let go with no repercussions.

I don’t know if there’s a lawyer on here who can address this issue, but the way I see it, your car is your place of business. Because of that, you should be able to record audio and video of what goes on in your vehicle, regardless of one party or two party consent laws. You know if you go into a Walmart to shop you’ll be under the watchful eyes of security camera. I would think the same concept applies in your vehicle while being used for hire.

I’ve had a dashcam set up for about a month now. I might get one inquiry about it per night that I drive. No one has come off as being weirded out by it. I simply explain that I have had some unfortunate interactions with previous riders that prompted me getting the dashcam. Most come across as understanding, and usually it evolves into conversations about what kind of altercation (I give general info, rough drunk decided to hug me from the passenger seat while we were on the highway) or about dashcam usage in general.

Hi, does anyone know of an dashcam that shoots full-hd video with good quality at night?
I’d like to have one shooting inside of my car. So it’s lot more darker than outside, at night.
I’d also would like to buy 2channel camera, that shoots the exterior in the front and back of my car.

You’d need one that either has a night-vision mode, which would probably jack up the price a lot, or one that has IR LEDs to provide illumination that is invisible to our eyes.

Been running a dash cam since before I started Uber. Dual camera, one inside and one out, very few passengers notice and most of those think its ‘cool’ or ‘responsible’. If they ask I tell them honestly that I’ve always used one and it’s specifically there for liability purposes, mostly accidents, but yes in case things get weird inside as well. I inform them that I don’t save any video unless there is a specific reason to and eventually the camera will just record over everything else.

Seems ok for $150 for a dual lens. What we really need are the big name stores to get one of the quality Korean or Chinese camera companies to produce some specifically for US sale (no really, there are some high quality Chinese dash cams…good enough that they have their own Chinese knock offs), our selection here in the US is sub par, both in quality and availability, and I didn’t want to use a random importer to get one of the decent cameras.

There are definitely some quality Chinese companies. Godox, and Yongnuo, to name a couple. Some of them actually sell to US companies who rebrand them, and sell at double the price (ex Cheetah Stand rebrands several Godox products).