Annoying Uber Driver Customer Support By Being Rude As Hell

Some days Uber Driver Customer Support is decent. Some days not so much. I contact them when I have an issue, but Sometimes I contact them just to gripe and complain about how garbage the app is. Like this morning. Except I didn’t get a response until 11 hours later, so I decided to fuck with them. Between my clutch going out this morning, the rude ass customers, and the app being garbage, I kind of wanna see how rude I can be to this support guy before they deactivate me. Because I definitely am THAT guy.

Uber support is terrible. Everything is, we will forward your concerns to our specialized team. They offer no answers. They caused me the whole breakfast and lunch hours and more still.

Last time I called uber driver customer support, I needed a fare adjustment. The lady was very nice; the canned responses were on point because drivers are always adjusting fares, and she was able to follow the flowchart. The only thing is I heard water running in the background; I think she was at home washing dishes and answering calls

Yea they tell you one thing then it’s another. Then it’s O we have a specialized team that deals with your problem, and you can’t reach them only I can and wait it gets better we can only reach them by email

Currently on the phone with Uber support asking why a drivers cancellation rate increases when we have to cancel a trip because of

  1. Underage rider.
  2. No Car Seat.
  3. When No Showing @5 min.
  4. When there are too many passengers.

Support says state and cities REQUIRE Uber drivers to have a car seat on board…
(Well that’s news to me)

Uber Support:

“But in regard to why drivers are penalized for following the law and the TOS is because the Uber system is flawed.”

That is their official answer.

Q: Why don’t you make it a priority to fix your flawed system?

A: Well it’s very alarming, and this topic is currently being worked on.

So while I haven’t don’t any trips today, and after getting off the phone with support, my cancellation rate went from 30% to 32%. No joke.
Wait… not it dropped to 28%

What the hell?

F** it I cancel any job for any reason. I’m the driver, and I got to take care of myself and my family in first place. Uber is rideshare, so I just share my trips. Anyone that calls me before gets in the car is a cancellation. Anyone that makes me wait is a cancelation if then the rating is lower than my standard it is a cancellation if the pickup is in a bad area that’s a cancellation and if the rider moans that’s a get out of my car. I don’t understand why drivers are afraid of Uber. Uber do not support drivers, no one support drivers, just the driver himself cares about him not even about the next fellow driver. Uber driver customer support is all lies after lies.

Don’t be afraid of cancellations, acceptance or ratings! Make your money and go home next to yours, when you die they will be there watching the dirt on top of your coffin and Uber has replaced you with driverless cars paid by your work.

F*** Uber - Biggest scam ever.

Salutations from the UK

Well I mean if they supplied it, regularly serviced it and required you to keep it on you. That’s one thing, they can take the lawsuit should it come up… but what they are saying is we want you to take on liabilities that aren’t worth it or reasonable, so no f that.

The space is a nonfactor either you’re not carrying a personally procured safety device or sorry pax uber supplies and requires us to carry this, and this is the space I have available in my vehicle.

Although it’s aggravating to have to replace stuff periodically the burden of proof would still be on them to prove that it was defective. Especially if Uber or Lyft requires you to carry one. Now if they don’t and you don’t have one, and you can’t drive such passenger with a small child then that’s a whole another matter. Altogether but if you act in good faith if they supposedly are requiring it now then part of the burden is on them, and it is certainly on the plaintiff to prove that there was a problem.

I smell bullshit on the claim that states and cities require rideshare drivers to have car seats already in their cars. It’s law that kids requiring car seats must ALWAYS be in car seats, but possession of a car seat by taxis and rideshare drivers is complete fiction. It’s possible that a misunderstanding in translation occurred because (no offense) but it’s always Indians with bad English on support when I call them.

Do you suppose that Uber driver customer support intentionally sucks to deter its use and create partner turn-over? They’re doing a damned good job at screwing over partners by being definitively everything BUT helpful!

Uber email customer support is there to frustrate and deter you from contacting them- especially when they owe you money.
They want to keep as many drivers driving as long as possible for the cheapest cost. Constantly emailing them for your money gets costly, but they want to keep you, so they just keep deflecting until you give up, forget, or get another ping.

Douchebags at hub office changed their hours again! All hours between 1000 and 1600 and only 4 GD days a week! Naturally, these hours are NOT published anywhere, but the door and there is no phone to call them!

Guess I’ll just have to settle for the low speed, high drag, soup sandwich troglodytes at Uber Support!!!

If I weren’t such a masochist, I’d just do what they want and quit!

Just got off the phone with Uber driver customer support because the 1.3X surge didn’t apply to my 20-mile trip. They’re trying to tell me that just because you accept a surge ride request, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive the surge fare. “Surge pricing can change in real time.” Meaning you the driver has to be in the surge area when you accept a surge ride request. I was like oh really, this must be new! :roll_eyes: Never ending bullshit!

It doesn’t matter where you are. Where the customer places the request and when they placed it matters. If they weren’t in a surge zone but you were, the pax is not required to pay surge pricing.

Also, if they placed a request before the surge happened, then they are not required to pay surge pricing. It’s not nearly as black and white as you all think…being in a surge zone DOES NOT guarantee a surge ride.

That’s why it’s important to screenshot before you accept the ride so you can show it to support and they’ll readjust your earnings. You cant fight it without a screenshot. I’ve done it twice, and I didn’t need to fight them for it.

Question to Uber is why do we now have to do this in order to make sure we’re getting what we’re supposed to? Doesn’t make sense.
Although they’re a desperate company now with all the litigation, they’re facing n the bleeding of cash. It isn’t fair that Uber is making up for it by taking it from the drivers. This really sucks

I’ve had surge rides that show a surge before I accept, then no indication of a surge when you go to the screen where their dropoff address is, but still got the surge in the end. Others around here apparently have not been so lucky in this scenario.

I have yet to get screwed out of a surge but def ss everything.

I’m sorry this happened to you. You’re not the first one to notice this. Be interesting to see the fare details n see how much Uber took from this fare… Scott Fontana said it right. Once they catch on that your taking screenshots of your ride they’ll just go to screw another driver… I’m so glad I’M no longer supporting Uber by driving for them or taking rides. I will only drive for Lyft. I don’t have time for their Ubernanigans. Take screenshots then check the fare each n every trip, I mean c’mon it’s come to this?

I drive part time just not for Uber. I don’t have the time to make sure I’m not getting Luber with my rides.

If the drivers enjoy this sort of manipulation of the fares, hiding surge n raising prices n nothing to the people doing the work then by all means continue. Personally, it’s not worth it n more should stop driving for them. But no, that won’t happen out of desperation. There are alternatives. You don’t have to feel like you are bending over for Uber.

Uber driver customer support didn’t take a dangerous situation seriously, and they also didn’t eliminate the rating from the dangerous situation. Then they messed up all of my pay for last week, and I spent three days emailing back and forth about the pay. They kept sending me auto-replies that didn’t even correspond with the email I sent, then the straw that broke the camels back was tonight when I had a 3.7x surge request I get to the location they said the guy was at and he was 6 miles away! The new app doesn’t allow you to move the pin, so it was clearly Uber’s fault. The guy made me cancel, so I waited 5 minutes to cancel because it was already and minute 4. Well, the surge was completely gone after I had already been in the middle of it for 10 minutes and had a cancellation. I lost at least $40 bc of this, so I was done.

Why would you even bother asking support to refund wait time? You were there waiting; you should get paid for it. You have to realize something. Even if you feel there should be a refund back to the customer and you write to support about it, a lot of times they don’t read the entire paragraph and automatically pick up words here and there and act on it accordingly, which in many cases has nothing to do with your request in question. Plus with upfront pricing, the customer still pays the same.